"There are three traps stealing my life: a regret about the past, alarm for future and an ingratitude for the presents."
Adam Maciejewski

Biography Edit

Adam Maciejewski
Adam MacCluster
 BornApril 19, 2260
South Carolina
 RaceCaucassian Human
 Current  locationFlagstaff (2289)
 PerksIrradiated Beauty
 ApparelLong coat

Combat armor helmet

  • That Gun
  • XL70E3


  • Throwing Hatchet

Exposives (Thrown)

  • MFC Cluster
  • Nuka Cocktail
 Aid itemsStimpacks
Water Purification Tablets
Doctors bag
Atomic Cocktail
 Other  itemsMap with marks
Adam was born in South Carolina. Since the childhood Adam very much was interested in studying of the areas, and also showed interest in literature, entering a genre: "Rules of survival'.

In the Hole Adam has gained necessary knowledge and a practical part in survival that helps him to this day.

Maturing and understanding essence of the present world, Adam has decided to leave South Carolina and to go towards Arizona. Having addressed the elder, Adam was refused... though desire to leave Carolina was. And on May 5, 2280, Adam proignorivovat the decree of the elder and having found one of vagrant caravans going towards the South Adam has joined him.

On a travel Adam applies skills of the naturalist and does notes on the card.

For the necessary reason the caravan sometimes changed a course, to avoid radioactive storm and not to receive a lethal dose of radiation.


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