Day 1Edit

Ghoullover666:...Yuko Kamikirimusi 11:23Loyalart12:Otokonoko


11:23The Ever Ruler:No dice Roween, first suggestions were of Roman and Irish mythology somehow. 11:24Loyalart12:Leijon 11:24Ghoullover666:kami means demon

or god..
don't remember

11:25Loyalart12:Or maybe both ~ Welcome to the Fallout RP Wiki chat. ~ 11:25Ghoullover666:demon god? 11:25Ant2242:so whats my time? 11:25Loyalart12:No, godly demon 11:25Ant2242:whatd i miss? 11:25Ghoullover666:I piggyback rided you al lthe time, Ant 11:26Loyalart12:We found a dead body or two 11:26Ghoullover666:you missed an android, food, ghoul settlement, new ghoulette following us around 11:26The Ever Ruler:Yuko is a good first name though. 11:26Ghoullover666:thanks ever 11:26Ant2242: 11:26Ghoullover666:Yuko Hokami? 11:27Ant2242:anything good on the bodies? 11:27Ghoullover666:nope. 11:27Loyalart12:Just a panda bear 11:27The Ever Ruler:Yuko Satomi? 11:27Ant2242:now where are we headed? 11:27The Ever Ruler:Satomi means wise and beautiful

I'm settled on it...
Agent Satomi... Yuko Satomi

11:28Ant2242:works for me 11:28The Ever Ruler:Now where were we? 11:28Loyalart12:Eating 11:28Ant2242:what? 11:29The Ever Ruler:*Ever eats silently with Yuko sizing up the rest of the group*

Yuko: So... why are we eating in the middle of the Road where raiders can easily see us?

11:29Loyalart12:Cause I have an axe and you have that gun 11:29Ant2242:*pays attention to answar* 11:30Loyalart12:We found an axe at the camp 11:30The Ever Ruler:It's because we wanted to let our friend Ant here where we were at. 11:30Ghoullover666:*hugs Ant in order to steal body heat* 11:30The Ever Ruler:Now that he is here, we better hurry up and get moving.

  • Yuko knudges Ever* What?

11:30Ant2242:ready when you are. 11:30The Ever Ruler:*nods over to Roween* 11:30Loyalart12:*takes out harmonica and starts playing "Dixie" with it

11:31Ant2242:(thanks for waiting) 11:31The Ever Ruler:Oh I see what you see...

(No problem)
  • gets up and begins inspecting coat for damage*
You would've happen to have a sewing kit on you would you Yuko?
  • Yuko glares at Ever*
I'm serious, I don't have mine.
That's your own damn fault.

11:32Ghoullover666:*listen to Loyal's tune* 11:32Loyalart12:Hey *passes sewing kit to Ever* 11:32The Ever Ruler:Thank you...

See, someone around here isn't beyond recognizing another's problems as his own...

11:32Loyalart12:No problem *goes back to playing* 11:32The Ever Ruler:*Yuko flips him off*

Yeah whatever... *begins sewing up holes while still wearing coat*

11:33Ant2242:*smerc* 11:34The Ever Ruler:Yuko stands off to the side watching the snow fall* 11:34Loyalart12:*suddenly stops*

  • does hand gesture to stop*

11:35Ant2242:*already at astop* 11:35The Ever Ruler:Holy shit Loyal that was magic... you just saved my life.

(hopes you get the reference)

11:35Loyalart12:It was too quiet 11:35Ant2242:"something doesnt feel right"

(missed it)

11:36The Ever Ruler:(is the only one who's played BFBC2's campaign enough to remember quotes...) 11:36Loyalart12:(i just beat it for the 8th time yesterday) 11:36Ant2242:


11:36Loyalart12:(I wasn't raised in the suburbs, you mall-rat) 11:36Ghoullover666:(<_<) 11:36Vault girl76: 11:36The Ever Ruler:(Bah! "That was fucking magic sarge!)

(We digress)
Where are we going now smoothskins?
Yuko: I agree, where are you taking me Ever?

11:37Loyalart12:That way 11:37Ant2242:"where was that vault again?" 11:37The Ever Ruler:*smirkishly* To the brothel where I found you... 11:38Ghoullover666:*laughs real hard/ 11:38Loyalart12:Brothel? 11:38The Ever Ruler:Yuko: Oh really brilliant... how long did it take you to come up with that one?

Quite honestly, awhile.
Yuko: Where are we going you perverted bastard?

11:38Ghoullover666:*almosts falls off Ant due to overlaughing but grabs shoulder* 11:39Loyalart12:You okay? 11:39The Ever Ruler:I just told you... what you miss your ears yet? 11:39Ghoullover666:Yeah yeah...belly hurts but I'm good xF 11:39Loyalart12:Good 11:39The Ever Ruler:*being serious* Yuko: I don't have to go anywhere with you hound-dog... so either tell me where we're going or I am. 11:39Ant2242:8istening intently* 11:40The Ever Ruler:Alright alright... jeez tough crowd... smoothskins, oblige this old lady. 11:40Ghoullover666:*wild french canadian seems confused* 11:40The Ever Ruler:*Yuko gets embarrassingly/annoyingly upset* 11:40Loyalart12:What's that noise? 11:40Ant2242:*looking around* 11:40The Ever Ruler:Smoothskins, seriously, where are we going? 11:41Ghoullover666:to the north. 11:41The Ever Ruler:You know where a Vault is around here?

More specifically please?

11:41Ant2242:To your mystery Vault." 11:41The Ever Ruler:Just making sure. 11:41Ant2242:Maybe theres an Atoto doc .

  • Auto-doc*

11:41Loyalart12:*suddenly starts hallucinating and 'notices' and lady running away and begins chasing after her* 11:41The Ever Ruler:Hear that Yuko, just because your prune juice is finally kicking in doesn't mean we should be so hasty.

Yuko: *speaks angry Mandarin*

11:42Ghoullover666:*yells angry french* 11:42The Ever Ruler:Ever: I love you too my museum piece. 11:42Ghoullover666:*smirks* 11:42The Ever Ruler:Hey guys...

Where did Loyal go?

11:42Ant2242:ahead. 11:42Ghoullover666:*looks around* ??? 11:43Loyalart12:*stops hallucinating and sees a Vault door control panel* 11:43The Ever Ruler:Yuko: What's the matter... "Ever" miss your friend? 11:43Loyalart12:Guys! 11:43Ant2242:"something tells me we might be in trouble" 11:43The Ever Ruler:Oh come on Yuko, you can do better than that, here think on the way there. 11:43Loyalart12:Guys! 11:44Ghoullover666:Loyal? 11:44The Ever Ruler:What? 11:44Ant2242:we here you were comeing 11:44Loyalart12:Get over here! 11:44Ghoullover666:*taps ant's shoulder* Go go go! 11:44Loyalart12:I found a big round thing and a small control panel 11:44Ant2242:*moves faster* 11:44The Ever Ruler:Oh hey... it's the vault I was looking for...

Vault 82
  • whistles*

11:45Ant2242:*stair in amaisment at giant concrete wall* 11:45The Ever Ruler:Makes you wonder how many people died scratching at that door... 11:45Loyalart12:(guys, my computer automatically goes off at 11:00 pm) 11:45Ant2242:*looks at corpces* 11:45Ghoullover666:*looks at big structure, then feels dizzy* 11:45The Ever Ruler:*Yuko looks upon Ever with concern after hearing his comment* 11:45Ghoullover666:(what time is it?) 11:46The Ever Ruler:Aren't you guys curious which Vault this is? 11:46Loyalart12:(10:46) 11:46Ant2242:1146

you ok GL?

11:46Loyalart12:*reaches out toward the control panel* 11:46Ghoullover666:*grip gets stronger* I-I-I dunno...feeling dizzy...

  • smiles* It'll pass

11:47The Ever Ruler:So... no one wants to know what vault this is? 11:47Ant2242:comeon we need an auto-doc 11:47The Ever Ruler:Vault experiment this is? 11:47Loyalart12:*types in passcode and pulls lever*

It's open

11:47The Ever Ruler:How. The. Fuck... did you know the passcode? 11:47Ant2242:yes, just tell us were listen ing 11:47Loyalart12:I dunno 11:47The Ever Ruler:This is the artic zoo vault. 11:47Loyalart12:It came to me 11:47Ant2242:took the words from my mouth 11:48Ghoullover666:*looks at Ever*


11:48The Ever Ruler:It was specially designed to house dozens of arctic animals in hopes of domesticating them all. 11:48Ant2242:*all ears* 11:48The Ever Ruler:Dunno about you guys... but it probably failed.

Keep your guard up.

11:48Ghoullover666:[Animal Friend] I like this vvault 11:48Loyalart12:*loads shotgun*

Let's go

11:48The Ever Ruler:They may or may not have broken free from the vault between know and the war... 11:48Ant2242:right behind you 11:49The Ever Ruler:If they haven't, they're either dead or this experiment isn't over yet. 11:49Ghoullover666:[Animal Friend/dizzy as fuck] Maybe I can tame a wolverine? 11:49Loyalart12:*enters vault* 11:49The Ever Ruler:Keep your guard up... I don't like the look of this one... 11:49Loyalart12:*a golden trail appears and starts hypnotically following it* 11:49The Ever Ruler:Yuko: I don't like the look of anything with you involved Ever...

  • adopts a face of disbelief* Really Yuko? Really?

11:50Ant2242:*walks through foyer into autrium* hey clinic this way 11:50The Ever Ruler:Save your quips, we got answers to find. 11:50Ant2242:*points to sign* 11:50Ghoullover666:*singing* Eeeeemmeneeez-moi au bout de la Terre ♫♪ 11:50The Ever Ruler:*glances underneath passcode terminal* 11:50Loyalart12:*runs in different direction* 11:50The Ever Ruler:*notices passcode etched on bottom*


11:50Ant2242:auto-doc first 11:50The Ever Ruler:"Snow" 11:51Ghoullover666:*french givbberish* J'ai soif... 11:51The Ever Ruler:You guys see/hear any animals yet? 11:51Loyalart12:*comes to panel that opens all cells*

  • activates*

11:51Ghoullover666:*chuckles* Meow ~ 11:51Ant2242:thats a sad passord 11:51The Ever Ruler:Loyal no!!

Oh wait... they're all dead...

11:51Ghoullover666:Meow motherfucker... 11:51The Ever Ruler:Well hell, I was kinda hoping there would be some success with this one... 11:51Ant2242:*opens clinic door walks in and shuts door* 11:52Loyalart12:How did I get here? 11:52Ghoullover666:*purrs* 11:52The Ever Ruler:Gets into terminal room. 11:52Ant2242:*looks for auto doc*

  • walks over"

11:52Loyalart12:Roween is acting weird 11:52The Ever Ruler:Yuko: So... now that we're alone... is there anything you want to say to me Eric?

  • glares seriously at her* Yeah.
There was this android earlier.
Not the one that you identified another one... from the same Vault... Vault 76.

11:53Loyalart12:(7 minutes) 11:53Ant2242:*presses the on button* 11:53Ghoullover666:*hums a tune* 11:53The Ever Ruler:Yuko: You sound serious... what was this thing like? 11:53Ant2242:*comp. reves up* 11:53Loyalart12:*follows golden trail* 11:53The Ever Ruler:Like a well-trained combatant and resilient foe... 11:54Ghoullover666:(well, in case you log off Loyal, goodnight! and see you tomorrow!) 11:54The Ever Ruler:She could still use medicine to heal... itself...

11:54Loyalart12:(I may not get to get on tommorow) 11:54The Ever Ruler:Blagh! Stupid emoticons... 11:54Ant2242:**mumbles * seems to still work 11:54Ghoullover666:(oh...that a shame. ^^ see you another time then) 11:54Loyalart12:*opens door to armory*

(you too)

11:55Ant2242:*puts GL down and goes inside*

(see ya)

11:55Loyalart12:*reaches for a locker and opens it*

  • evil smile*
  • takes combat shotgun out of locker*

11:55Ghoullover666:*dizzy dizzy* I HATE you... 11:55Ant2242:"woo... woh ... ow" 11:56Loyalart12:*walks back to everyone* 11:56Ant2242:"had to test it" 11:56Ghoullover666:*curls up* 11:56Loyalart12:Hey guys, check out my new toy 11:56Ant2242: *as he walks out*

it works

11:56The Ever Ruler:This thing was... rigged to explode... not suicidally so...

Yuko: Torch and Burn?
Yeah... *somberly*

11:57Ant2242:*put her inside* 11:57Loyalart12:Guys, I've been having a lot of hallucinations lately 11:57The Ever Ruler:I'm worried it might be the first of many... of an unknown entity with resources capable of seeing this as a cheap trial run even in this environment... 11:57Ant2242:*machine wherls on* 11:58Ghoullover666:Weee! 11:58The Ever Ruler:Yuko: What are you going to do? 11:58Ghoullover666:Ow OH AYOYE 11:58Ant2242:"feeling better?" 11:58The Ever Ruler:I dunno... right now it's still a mystery... I just thought you should know. 11:58Ghoullover666:*gets out* Yeah, i guess 11:58Loyalart12:*hears noise coming from behind*

  • turns around and fires*

11:58Ant2242:"glad to haer it " 11:58Vault girl76:(back) 11:58Ghoullover666:I feel better. And I feel like...*takes a few steps* walking! 11:58Vault girl76: 11:59Loyalart12:(1 minute) 11:59Ghoullover666:Gaah! wtf Loyal? 11:59Ant2242:...o ....ok 11:59The Ever Ruler:Yuko: Jeez Ever... I didn't know you cared... 11:59Ghoullover666:(bai ^.^ hope we'll be RPing again real soon!) 11:59Vault girl76:^.^ 11:59Loyalart12:(hasta la vista everyone) 11:59Ant2242:lets find th others. ~ Loyalart12 has left the chat. ~ 11:59The Ever Ruler:Yes you did... you always knew... you know everything don't you? *laughs*

(Shit, too late)

12:00Vault girl76:(ha ha ha ha!) 12:00The Ever Ruler:Yuko: Don't flirt with me Eric... it doesn't work anymore... 12:00Ghoullover666:(he what, we save this somewhere and continue next time he's on?) 12:00The Ever Ruler:Yeah, but it did at one point didn't it?

Come on, let's get the terminal data and be done with this.

12:00Vault girl76:(i guess) 12:00Ant2242:(im for wiating) 12:01The Ever Ruler:(We gonna postpone it?

(We didn't have good history with postponing these things...)

12:01Vault girl76:(yep) 12:01Ant2242:ok lets transcribe this on a page 12:01Ghoullover666:(well if you want to finish your love story, you can) 12:01Vault girl76:Meh sure we can remember this 12:01The Ever Ruler:(Tis no love story... it is old history)

(Very very old history...)

12:02Vault girl76:(what now)

Day 2Edit

Loyalart12:Yeah 7:05Ghoullover666:brb, thirsty 7:05Loyalart12:K 7:05Ghoullover666:back! 7:05Loyalart12:Yay 7:06Ghoullover666:VG and Ever are on the other chat... 7:06Loyalart12:Yeah

Wanna bring them over?

7:06Ghoullover666:we could continue the RP with 'em


~ Welcome to the Fallout RP Wiki chat. ~ 7:07Ghoullover666:IT'S RPing TIME! 7:07Loyalart12:Ooh-rah! 7:07Ghoullover666:hurraaaay =D

we were in the artic zoo vault

7:08Loyalart12:Discussing the color of my underwear's shoelaces 7:08Ghoullover666:o-O really? 7:08Loyalart12:No 7:08Ghoullover666:I just got out of the auto-doc? 7:09The Ever Ruler:I forgot Yuko's lastname... see that's proof I am a guy. 7:09Loyalart12:Yeah 7:09Ghoullover666:Osharu, I guess 7:09Ant2242:yes cheak my profile page I save it 7:09Loyalart12:I forgot her first name 7:09The Ever Ruler:Found it.


~ Chat hacks initialized. ~ ~ To report errors or bugs, or to suggest features or translations, leave a message at w:c:User talk:Monchoman45. ~ 7:09Ant2242:Ant2242 reminder page 7:10The Ever Ruler :Thank goodness I remembered its meaning and have a name database at my disposal. 7:10Loyalart12:Last I remember, I had just killed something that was behind me 7:10Ghoullover666:wow Ant xD

that's one hell of a reminder

7:11The Ever Ruler :Ah, I have a good sense of humor...

"To the brothel where I found you..."

7:11Ghoullover666:your jokes are bad and you should feel bad! 7:11The Ever Ruler :K 7:11Ant2242:wouldnt remember otherwise 7:12Ghoullover666:now kiss! 7:12Ant2242: 7:12Ghoullover666:^^ 7:12The Ever Ruler :Never! 7:12Ghoullover666:nEver

  • badumtss*

7:12The Ever Ruler :Exactly

The Never Ruler.
The Forever Ruler
The Sever Ruler

7:12Loyalart12:The McGuyver Ruler 7:12Ghoullover666:^

Palabras is still better than you Ever!

7:13The Ever Ruler :Hmm...

  • throws the Krivbeknih on the fire*
Somehow... I don't care anymore...
  • notices the book is not burning*
What the hell?

7:13Ghoullover666:And I brought hm back using control command! 7:13The Ever Ruler :What the fuck is this thing!?

I gotta dispose of this somehow... with SCIENCE!!

7:14Loyalart12:Or a Fat Man 7:14The Ever Ruler :Nah, too expensive... and conspicuous... 7:14Ghoullover666:*hugs new Palabras* This book can't be destroyed. 7:14Ant2242:*presses open button for slide door to clinic* 7:14The Ever Ruler :*shoots Palabras with a railcannon* 7:14Ant2242:??? 7:14The Ever Ruler :Can't say the same about him now can we? 7:14Ghoullover666:*pushes palabras away and takes the shot for him*


~ Vault girl76 has joined the chat. ~ 7:15Ghoullover666:well now we can continue? 7:15Ant2242:hola 7:15Vault girl76:Hai 7:15Ant2242:vg* 7:15Loyalart12:Hello, how are you? 7:16Vault girl76:Okay 7:16The Ever Ruler :Palabras: For Alhazred"

  • shoots him again*
Idle chatter? STFU, eavesdroppers be trippin'.

7:16Vault girl76:... 7:16Ghoullover666:*he dodges* 7:16The Ever Ruler :Aright I'm done. 7:17Ant2242:(ok) *presses open button for slide door to clinic* 7:17The Ever Ruler :You didn't wait for me long did you Yuko? 7:17Loyalart12:*lifts up corpse of dead unknown creature* 7:17Ghoullover666:*sits on nearby bench in the Clinic* I think I'm gonna rest a bit. 7:17Ant2242:"hey Gl can you hand me my 10mm?" 7:17The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Of course not, freezing my ass off for a week in that town wasn't long. 7:18Ghoullover666:*looks at gun, but gives it back to rightful owner* YEah, here 7:18Loyalart12:What is this thing? 7:18The Ever Ruler :Good, I hate to have been a burden to your busy schedule. 7:18Loyalart12:I wonder if Ever knows 7:18Ant2242:*door opens half way*


7:18The Ever Ruler :Besides... how could you ass freeze... I mean... it's your ass.

Yuko: What do yo-... shut the fuck up.
  • ever laughs rather loudly*

7:19Ant2242:*crouches down pistol drawn looks around* 7:19Loyalart12:*starts walking toward the clinic* 7:19Ant2242:"we're clear" 7:19The Ever Ruler :Alright alright... don't get all mad at me now... we still got business to attend to. 7:19Ghoullover666:*stands and walks* Ah well, fuck it. Gonna walk *exits clinic* 7:20The Ever Ruler :Yuko: I swear, when you die, I'll feel a hundred pounds lighter... 7:20Vault girl76:(What is going on!?) 7:20Loyalart12: 7:20Ant2242:"any idea where the others went GL?" 7:20Loyalart12:(every thing) 7:20The Ever Ruler :I bet, without my cooking maybe you'll stop letting yourself go so b- *gets punched* ow fuck! Alright I'm sorry.

(I hate these emoticons)

7:21Ghoullover666:*spots Loyal* Hai buddy. *turns to Ant* Nah, dunno about the ghouls. 7:21The Ever Ruler :(I wonder if I can disable them as an admin...) 7:21Loyalart12:Hey 7:21Ghoullover666:*pats Ant's cheek* And name's Roween, thank you 7:21Ant2242:Ant2242 reminder page 7:21The Ever Ruler :The download complete?


7:21Ant2242:*smiles* 7:21The Ever Ruler :Oh come on... you're not talking to me now?

Yuko: ...

7:22Ant2242:*walks tord the ghouls* 7:22Ghoullover666:*looks at Loyal* Found Something? 7:22The Ever Ruler :Really? Come on you're the only one who gets my sense of humor. 7:22Loyalart12:Yeah

I killed it earlier
I dunno what it is killed something? It was alive?? 7:22Loyalart12:Yeah 7:22The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Check it yourself! 7:22Ghoullover666:Show me! 7:22Ant2242:*follows* 7:22The Ever Ruler :Okay okay... it's... complete yeah we're good. 7:22Loyalart12:*takes corpse out* 7:23Ghoullover666:o_O what the hell is that?? 7:23The Ever Ruler :Come on, let's rendezvous with the smoothskins. 7:23Loyalart12:I dunno 7:23The Ever Ruler :Hey smoothskins, I'm done- whoa what the hell is that? 7:23Ghoullover666:*pokes it* Alright, it's dead 7:23Loyalart12:I have no clue 7:23The Ever Ruler :It looks like some kind of... mutated... 7:23Ant2242:"what is it?" 7:23The Ever Ruler :What is it? 7:23Ghoullover666:*scratches head* It looks like a creature of old... 7:23The Ever Ruler :Wait... oh I've seen this before... just not... on a polar bear... 7:24Loyalart12:Polar bear? 7:24The Ever Ruler :Yuko: A polar Guai

A what?

7:24Ghoullover666:*snaps* A guai! 7:24The Ever Ruler :It's an irradiated polar bear. 7:24Loyalart12:*sniffs corpse* 7:25The Ever Ruler :Hunh... it kinda looks like... a ghoulified polar bear... 7:25Ant2242:"ah like Yoou Guai" 7:25Loyalart12:It smells like brahmin crap 7:25Ghoullover666:*takes out combat knife and slices piece of flesh* Still a fresh kill 7:25The Ever Ruler :I mean look, it's fur is missing in patches and it seems to show signs of feralism. 7:25Loyalart12:Whatever this is, there's gotta be more than one in here 7:26The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Aren't those just signs of normal radiation sickness? 7:26Ant2242:"200 years and no food. You Sure/" 7:26The Ever Ruler :Yeah... I'd have to test to see if they lived longer than average. 7:26Loyalart12:Yeah

It can eat other animals
And the dead of its own

7:26The Ever Ruler :So... we gonna cook it? 7:26Loyalart12:So, yeah 7:27Ghoullover666:Anyone has a bag to put its meat in? 7:27The Ever Ruler :See Yuko... I didn't make a fat joke this time. 7:27Ant2242:"sorry no" 7:27Loyalart12:No 7:27Ghoullover666:aw well..I'll go check in the clinic if there are plastic bags 7:27The Ever Ruler :*yuko sighs disappointingly* 7:27Loyalart12:This is supposed to be for arctic animals, right?

This Vault is

7:27The Ever Ruler :Plastic bags? *rolls eyes* 7:28Ant2242:"Ill come too forgot to loot" 7:28Ghoullover666:*looks at Ever* Empty blood pack and such? 7:28Loyalart12:But yet, it has an Armory 7:28The Ever Ruler :Fucking world was running out of oil to run it's food carbines and all people could care about was having plastic to carry the food from it...

Nevermind that we could do fine with paper or wicker or cotton...

7:28Ant2242:*searches clinic* 7:28The Ever Ruler :Now here we are... in a Vault built specifically because the world ran out of oil... 7:29Ghoullover666:*hiss and take a bite in the raw meat* Bleh. isn't that good, but at least it'll fill 7:29The Ever Ruler :I swear... we brought this war upon ourselves... 7:29Ant2242:*finds blood packs stimpaks med x* 7:29Loyalart12:Guys, I don't this Vault was just for animals 7:30The Ever Ruler :And now here we are... regretting the mistakes of others that we didn't even have a choice to make. 7:30Ant2242:*a pair of sisor on the way to the group* 7:30Vault girl76:(where are we) 7:30Loyalart12:Hey Roween, can we talk in private? 7:31Ghoullover666:*looks at Loyal* Hum...yeah, sure 7:31Ant2242:Im back found some stuff 7:31The Ever Ruler :Fixing their mess... because they died and because we aren't... 7:31Ghoullover666:*gives meat to Ant* take care of it 7:31The Ever Ruler :Because in the long run... you're dead... even if humanity is still alive. 7:31Vault girl76:(?) 7:31Ant2242:thanks *amiles* 7:31Loyalart12:*goes to place of privacy* 7:31The Ever Ruler :*sighs deeply* *Yuko adopts an expression of concern* 7:31Vault girl76:(What is going on?) 7:31Loyalart12:Roween 7:31Ghoullover666:*follows Loyal* Yes Loyal? 7:31The Ever Ruler :(We're still in a vault)

(Vault 82)

7:31Ant2242:Ant2242 reminder page 7:32Loyalart12:Why would a vault for animals need an Armory? 7:32The Ever Ruler :(The Arctic Zoo vault) 7:32Ant2242:(love the #) 7:32The Ever Ruler :Animal control Loyal... these vaults were not meant to entomb their residents so that they died. 7:32Ghoullover666:*shrugs* To shoot 'em down if things get out of control, I dunno 7:32Vault girl76:(so where can i come in?) 7:32Ghoullover666:(i'd punch you Ever) 7:32The Ever Ruler :They were all designed to convert into control vaults the moment their experiment was complete.


7:32Ghoullover666:(we walked away from group, fucktard) 7:32Ant2242:(how about a traveler when we exit) 7:33The Ever Ruler :(What now?) 7:33Ghoullover666:(me, Loyal. no Ant, No Ever, no ghoullish bitch) 7:33Vault girl76: 7:33The Ever Ruler :(Oh right...)

  • ahem* (comment redacted)

7:33Ant2242:(vg *) 7:33Ghoullover666:(^w^ rewind and play)

  • shakes head* A-Armory??
You found the Armory???

7:34Loyalart12:Yeah 7:34The Ever Ruler :Yuko: It wasn't your fault the world ended Ever... you don't have to pretend it is. 7:34Loyalart12:It's where I found the Guai

And this shotgun

7:34The Ever Ruler :I know that Yuko... it's not my fault... but it IS my problem. 7:34Ghoullover666:<_< oh crap, there are maybe more lurking around 7:34Loyalart12:*holds up combat shotgun* 7:34Ghoullover666:*looks at shotgun* You found that jewel in there? 7:34Loyalart12:Yeah

In the only unlocked locker

7:35The Ever Ruler :It's everyone's problem... whether we deserved it or not. 7:35Ant2242:"hey dont all vaults have an armory" 7:35Ghoullover666:Bah, not a problem. I can pick the locks 7:35Loyalart12:Okay 7:35The Ever Ruler :And I'm not going anywhere until I know that it'll never happen again. 7:35Loyalart12:I'll show you to the Vault 7:35Ghoullover666:Lead me there and we'll share! 7:35Loyalart12:*leads Roween to Armory* 7:35Ant2242:*looks for armory* 7:35Ghoullover666:*holds sniper in hand* Not made for close combat but I'll be fine 7:36Ant2242:*finds upper autrium* 7:36Loyalart12:No *gives Roween the sawed-off shotgun* 7:36Ant2242:*goes back to ghouls*


7:36Ghoullover666:*grabs sawed-off shotgun and smiles* Thanks Loyal ^w^ 7:36Loyalart12:No problem

  • in head* Man, she has an awesome smile*

7:37Ant2242:"hey where did Loyal and Roween go?" 7:37The Ever Ruler :Good question smoothskin. 7:37Ghoullover666:*We there yet? 7:37Loyalart12:Yeah 7:37Ant2242:*tryes other hallway* 7:37Loyalart12:*points at sign saying Armory using shotgun* 7:38Ant2242:*hears loyal & Roween*

  • sees sign*

7:38The Ever Ruler :My guess they're trying to raid something here... it's what I would do if I didn't have to carry stuff back 100 miles to home. 7:38Ghoullover666:Ok. *enters door with a huge "Armory" writen above* Baw waw, lotsa lockers in there! 7:38Ant2242:*enters*


7:38Loyalart12:Hey 7:38Ghoullover666:*turns around and sees Ant* Oh Hello! 7:38Ant2242:"anyone find any 5.56 & 10mm?" 7:39Ghoullover666:Wait wait, boy, I'm about to pick locks 7:39The Ever Ruler :Hey Yuko I have a serious question for you. 7:39Ant2242:"or maybe MFCs?" 7:39The Ever Ruler :Yuko: just ask it.

How could you tell that body back there was an android? I didn't even know they were that convincing until today.

7:39Ghoullover666:*picks first locker, breaks a bobby pin* damn! 7:39Ant2242:*starts to pick locks on the oposite side of the door*

  • opens*

7:40Ghoullover666:Second try... *unlocked successfully* YEAH! 7:40Loyalart12:Yeah 7:40Ant2242:"anyone want a security armor"

"only thing in here"

7:40Ghoullover666:*opens* o-O combat armor and combat helmet along with some radaway 7:40The Ever Ruler :Yuko: The skin... the decay... the... structure... it was all abnormal. As an espionage agent you sorta just notice these things. 7:40Ant2242:*leaves door open goes to next locker* 7:41Loyalart12:Can I have the armor? 7:41The Ever Ruler :Well jeez how many decaying bodies have you seen in the cold?

Yuko: Too many.

7:41Ghoullover666:*equips helmet* I'm a soldier =D yeah pick the armor

too heavy for lil framed me

7:41The Ever Ruler :Hey smoothskins? Whachu up to? 7:41Ant2242:*opens* 7:41Loyalart12:*takes armor and uses it to repair current armor

7:41Ant2242:"heyy yea" 7:41Loyalart12:Oh, hey 7:42The Ever Ruler :Ah, the armory raid? Good choice. 7:42Ghoullover666:*picks other lock* Eh! Assault Rifle and ammo! 7:42Ant2242:"now thats a lot of 10mm" 7:42The Ever Ruler :I don't know why raiders don't raid vaults more often... maybe they gave up trying to open it... 7:42Ant2242:"shoves in pack" 7:42The Ever Ruler :Maybe they thought they were haunted. 7:42Loyalart12:Can I have the rifle? 7:42Ant2242:*goes to next locker* 7:42Ghoullover666:*takes some .308 bullets* Yeah, I don't use assault rifles xD 7:42The Ever Ruler :Either way, I'd like some 5.56mm rounds if there's a surplus of them.

Also you see any .45 ammo in here?

7:43Ant2242:"I think I can break this one its very rusted" 7:43Ghoullover666:Sorry ghoul, Ant asked for 5.56mm first 7:43The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Pass some 5.56s my way too. 7:43Ant2242:*slams 3 times" 7:43The Ever Ruler :Ant, what's the total on the 5.56mm ammuntion? 7:43Ghoullover666:Eh Ant! *throws a box of 5.56*

  • hands the 2 others to the ghouls* there. and there'S enough for you too Loyal

7:44Loyalart12:Sweet 7:44Ant2242:"found some bag shotgun rounds" *quick catches*

"loyal want some for your sweet shotty"

7:44Loyalart12:Yeah 7:44Ant2242:"enjoy" 7:44Loyalart12:Thanks 7:45Ant2242:*goes to next locker*

  • breakes pin*
  • opens successfully*

7:45The Ever Ruler :Hey look Yuko, an N91... maybe now you'll replace your shitty ass Type 17. 7:45Ant2242:type 17?) 7:45Ghoullover666:*searches crates, and puts some pre-war money in bag* Ka-ching! 7:45Loyalart12:(chinese pistol in fo 3


7:45The Ever Ruler :(It's the official designation of the Chinese Pistol) 7:45Ant2242:1 sec) 7:46The Ever Ruler :Yuko: *scoffs* There's nothing wrong with it...

Yeah, not unless you compare it to the N91...

7:46Ant2242:(oh yae) 7:46The Ever Ruler :I refuse to use that thing.

Why? Still got some patriotism left in ya?

7:46Ant2242:"its sctually a very week 10mm" 7:46The Ever Ruler :Yuko: It... looks better.

Are you fucking kidding me?

7:46Loyalart12:*has another hallucination* 7:47Ant2242:"take a N99" 7:47The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Well you use that unreliable piece of junk M199! 7:47Ant2242:"theres three" 7:47The Ever Ruler :I don't use this thing because it's American, I use this thing because there's spares everywhere. 7:47Ant2242:"and I dont need anouther one. Hey Rowenn need a new pistol?" 7:47Loyalart12:*starts walking toward a wall* 7:47The Ever Ruler :Can't say that about your type 93 7:47Ant2242:"loyal ... whats going on?" 7:48Loyalart12:...

  • hallucination ends*

7:48Ant2242:"hey guys whats wrong w/ loyal?" 7:48Ghoullover666:*pick another lock, opens* 12 gauge shells! I keep! *turns to Loyal*....Loyal? 7:48Loyalart12:Guys, we need to blow this wall up

There's something in it

7:48Ant2242:Why?" 7:48Ghoullover666:What?? 7:49Ant2242:*serches next row of lockers*

  • still listening intently*
  • intregued*

7:49Loyalart12:I think it might be another armory

I dunno

7:49Ghoullover666:How could you say? 7:49Ant2242:*hey this ones open*


7:49Loyalart12:I've been having these weird hallucinations 7:50The Ever Ruler :These smoothskins be tripping...

Yuko: Tell me about it...

7:50Loyalart12:And I just had one of an armory being behind it

It's this wall

7:50Ghoullover666:Ok...if it's true, that's fucked up. If it's not, well lie down and rest

Anyone has explosives?
I don't

7:50Loyalart12:I did 7:50Ant2242:"Im keeping this shotgun" 7:50Loyalart12:Then I blew up 7:50Ant2242:"I do " 7:51Ghoullover666:what kind? 7:51Ant2242:*finds 30 shells* 7:51Ghoullover666:C-4, dynamite, frag? 7:51Ant2242:3C4" 7:51Ghoullover666:o-O 7:51Loyalart12:That might damage the other side 7:51The Ever Ruler :Where the hell did you guys get C4? 7:51Ant2242:"had it " 7:51The Ever Ruler :This war only happened like two decades ago how are you this prepared? 7:51Ant2242:"remember?"

"came w/ the armor"

7:52Loyalart12:I got mine from a military truck near my burrow 7:52The Ever Ruler :You guys raid a military base or some shit? 7:52Ant2242:"nope family herlume" 7:52The Ever Ruler :Apparently yes... guys are lucky you beat the raiders to them. 7:52Ant2242:"like the armor & rifle" 7:52Loyalart12:*fumbles around in pockets for a frag grenade

  • takes a stick of dynamite out*
This might work

7:53Ant2242:*goes over to weapons case* 7:53Ghoullover666:We're blowing this shit or what? *walks out* safety first! 7:53The Ever Ruler :How the hell did the BADTFL not take that away from you!? 7:53Ant2242:*opens * 7:53The Ever Ruler :That shit requires a ton of permits to even own let alone use.,_Drugs,_Tobacco,_Firearms_and_Lasers

7:53Ant2242:*puts 1 granade in pocet* 7:53Loyalart12:BADTFL? 7:54Ant2242:"ya grand father survived the war" 7:54The Ever Ruler :Which one?

The Resource Wars?

7:54Ant2242:*puts MFCs in other pocet* 7:54Loyalart12:Does anyone have a lighter of some sort? 7:54Ant2242:"the great war" 7:55The Ever Ruler :*everyone pulls out a lighter* 7:55Ghoullover666:*leans against wall in the hallway* 7:55The Ever Ruler :Seriously Loyal... this shit is like wastelander standard issue. 7:55Loyalart12:Can I use it to light the dynamite


7:55The Ever Ruler :Sure. 7:55Loyalart12:Thanks 7:55Ant2242:"yup" 7:55The Ever Ruler :Be careful to note if the dynamite is safe to handle. 7:55Ghoullover666:*Waiting for a boom* 7:55Loyalart12:It's dynamite 7:55The Ever Ruler :Nitroglycerin is a bitch to handle... 7:55Ant2242:"Im done here guys" 7:55Loyalart12:Everyone clear out 7:56Ant2242:*walks outside* 7:56The Ever Ruler :*follows* 7:56Loyalart12:Ready? 7:56The Ever Ruler :*to Ever* Yuko: How long do you think these guys will last?

I dunno... depends where they go next.

7:56Ghoullover666:Ready! 7:56Ant2242:"Roween need a pistol?" 7:56Loyalart12:*lights dynamite and runs out the armory* 7:56The Ever Ruler :Yuko: you think they'll be important? 7:57Ant2242:"yes blowit" 7:57The Ever Ruler :Not really no. 7:57Ghoullover666:*looks at Ant and shows sawed-off shotgun* No, I'm good ^^ 7:57The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Then why don't we just kill or abandon them? 7:57Loyalart12:*BOOM* 7:57Ant2242:"ok puts pistol in pack" 7:57The Ever Ruler :I'm sorry, you said something but it wasn't in a way the I understand.

  • that I
Yuko: It's just th-
We can trust them, that's a rarity these days.

7:58Loyalart12:*walks into armory and examines wall*

Loot up

7:58The Ever Ruler :So, how'd your prophecy whoa what the hell!? 7:58Ghoullover666:*follows* o-O what the... 7:58Ant2242:*follows* "dam" 7:58Ghoullover666:How the fuck could you be right?? You a psychic or something? 7:58Loyalart12:*passes lighter back to Ever* 7:58The Ever Ruler :Okay you know what... I swear this whole war is like some crazy dream or something. 7:59Loyalart12:*shrugs* 7:59Ant2242:"no it happened" 7:59The Ever Ruler :There's a stash behind this wall... I wonder why. 7:59Ant2242:*taps armor* 7:59The Ever Ruler :It's not in the Vault's description... wasn't even on the Overseer's terminal. 7:59Ant2242:"no idea" 7:59The Ever Ruler :*sees skeleton* I think I have some ideas though. 7:59Ghoullover666:*takes a few step back, astounded* 8:00Ant2242:*listening while scanning the room* 8:00The Ever Ruler :Crazy bastard was probably working on this Vault and built a secret room for himself, he must've trapped himself in here when... whatever happened in here... happened. 8:00Loyalart12:Well, you gonna check out the place or are we just gonna let it collect more dust? 8:00Ghoullover666:I'm not going in there! Nope! 8:00The Ever Ruler :Depends, is it trapped? 8:00Loyalart12:No 8:00Ant2242:"it is look" 8:01Loyalart12:It wasn't in the dream 8:01Ant2242:*points to hidden landmines* 8:01Ghoullover666:*folds arms and leans against locker* 8:01Ant2242:"mus've been really paranoid" 8:01Loyalart12:Yeah

Or he was scared into here

8:02Ant2242:"mining a secrit room in a secrit Vault inside a secured location" 8:02Loyalart12:It doesn't add up... 8:03Ant2242:*dis armed mine* 8:03Loyalart12:*walks over by Roween* 8:03The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Was probably hiding from someone... this is something on par with what I would do if I was trapped in a Vault like these poor fools. 8:03Ant2242:*disarmed anouther mine* 8:03Ghoullover666:*sits* If it goes boom, Ant dies. for sure 8:04Loyalart12:I'm out of Super-Stimpaks 8:04Ant2242:"i thaught that they payed to get in"

"what with all the billboards in all"
  • and*

8:04The Ever Ruler :*yuko nudges ever* 8:05Ghoullover666:I have a few stimpaks and i can get the shrapnel out of his wounds. I dunno if I could keep him alive. 8:05Loyalart12:*whispers so only Roween can hear* Why did you help me back there? 8:05The Ever Ruler :*ever shows yuko a satchel of super-stims*

Yuko: Do the know?
No one knows...

8:05Ant2242:*walks back to group*

"think I got them all"

8:06Ghoullover666:*whispers back to Loyal* You're cute and you seem able-bodied to survive out there 8:06Loyalart12:*blushes* 8:06Ghoullover666:*whispering* Would be a shame to let you die 8:06Loyalart12:Th-Thanks 8:06Ghoullover666:*stands and walks to Ant* how many mines? 8:06Ant2242:"I got 17" 8:06Ghoullover666:Holy shit... 8:07Ant2242:"want them?" 8:07Vault girl76: 8:07Loyalart12:(brb) 8:07Vault girl76: 8:07Ghoullover666:Nope! I'm not into explosive stuff 8:07Ant2242:(what?} 8:07Vault girl76:(WTF) 8:07Ghoullover666: 8:07Vault girl76:(Stupid emotes) 8:07The Ever Ruler : What the hell? 8:08Vault girl76:=D 8:08Ant2242:"If anyone finds a bag to put the mines in let me know" 8:08The Ever Ruler :On it. 8:08Loyalart12:(back) 8:08The Ever Ruler :*ever goes searching for a locker* 8:08Ant2242:"cant fit everything in my pack" 8:08Loyalart12:I'm not touching any mines

Remember what happened last time?

8:09The Ever Ruler :Yuko: So, what do you guys think of our friend Ever? 8:09Ghoullover666:*looks in the hole in the wall* bleh, a roache 8:09Loyalart12:He's cool 8:09Ant2242:"...ok I gess" 8:09Ghoullover666:He's a ghoul 8:09The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Do you know anything about him? 8:09Ghoullover666:got more experience that me 8:09Ant2242:"hes hideing something though" 8:09The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Who he was what he did? 8:09Loyalart12:No 8:09Ant2242:"no" 8:09Ghoullover666:He's not telling anything and I can respect that 8:10Loyalart12:All I know is that he can revive people 8:10Ghoullover666:*shrugs* As long as he doesn't shoot me 8:10Ant2242:*agreement nod* 8:10The Ever Ruler :Yuko: I've just been trying to figure it out for awhile now and the man's got more secrets than my old boss. 8:10Ant2242:*to all* 8:10The Ever Ruler :(Fucking emotes) 8:10Vault girl76:

(I lied)

8:11The Ever Ruler :(Really!?) 8:11Loyalart12:Guys... 8:11Ant2242:(anywhay to diable the emotes?) 8:11The Ever Ruler :I can do something, *is admin* 8:11Ghoullover666:Yes Loyal? 8:11Ant2242:(pleases)

  • turns head to loyal*

8:11Loyalart12:What is that? *points at fully-grown Polar Guai that wandered into here after hearing the explosion* 8:12Ant2242:*whipps out pistol* 8:12Ghoullover666:O_O *backs off slowly and holds sawed-off shotgun toward the creature* 8:12Loyalart12:*aims shotgun at it* 8:12The Ever Ruler :*Ever shoots the Polar Guai from down the hallway*

Found a dufflebag... see you guys have found a friend.


It must have heard the explosion

8:13The Ever Ruler :*takes a vial out* Also found some medical supplies. 8:13Ant2242:"here" *puts mines from table into bag* 8:13The Ever Ruler :This vault expressed interest in the animals' physiology. 8:14Vault girl76: 8:14Ghoullover666:*takes out combat knife and slice some meat from the dead guai* 8:14The Ever Ruler :*takes a vial of fresh blood from the polar guai* 8:14Vault girl76:(lol these emotes)

8:14The Ever Ruler :A whole specimen would be ideal, but my resources are limited. 8:14Vault girl76: 8:14Ant2242:"hey footsteps" 8:14Ghoullover666:Anyone hungry? 8:14The Ever Ruler :Can you give me the page link to the emotes? I've never actually gone there before. 8:14Loyalart12:I am 8:15The Ever Ruler :Gonna have to remove... like all of them. 8:15Vault girl76: 8:15Ant2242: &:) are ok 8:15Ghoullover666:...we can't make a fire in the middle of a vault, can we? 8:15Vault girl76:( LOL ) 8:15The Ever Ruler :Unless we come up with a different way to express what we're talking about. 8:15Ant2242: 8:15Vault girl76:Just remove spaces

( lol)

8:15The Ever Ruler :Not unless we blow a whole in the ceiling. 8:15Loyalart12:There's probably a secondary way to cook 8:15Ghoullover666:like with an old oven? 8:16The Ever Ruler :I can look for the ventilation shaft. 8:16Vault girl76:{Maybe these) 8:16Loyalart12:Yeah 8:16Vault girl76:*} 8:16Ghoullover666:well need to find the cafeteria 8:16Ant2242:"any one know of any markets up here?" 8:16Vault girl76: 8:16Ghoullover666:*wraps meat with cloth and puts it in bag* Nope 8:17Vault girl76: i choose you! 8:17Ant2242:"any other settlements?" 8:17Loyalart12:Hey Roween, wanna look for the cafeteria with me? 8:18Ghoullover666:*smiles* why not? 8:18Ant2242:"i do" *follows* 8:18Ghoullover666:Guys we'll be cooking meat in the cafeteria, if hungry, find us

well the ghouls will be alone now

8:18The Ever Ruler :What do you think we're doing? Conspiring against you? 8:18Ant2242:"yup" *smerks* 8:18The Ever Ruler :Because I'll be honest I was thinking about it...

A ha ha! You should see the look on your faces...

8:19Loyalart12:Let's just go 8:19Ghoullover666:*checks in bag* I have about 5 portion of meat in there *sniffs* Bleh! 8:19Loyalart12:That should be enough 8:19Ant2242:*walking w/ group "you think that meets good?" 8:20Loyalart12:*shrugs* Won't know till we find out 8:20Ant2242:"true"

  • spots sign*
"this way"

8:20Ghoullover666:well I tasted it raw

not that good
a bit worse than Cram
but I bet it tastes better when cooked

8:21Ant2242:"you dont like cram?" 8:21The Ever Ruler :You smoothskins ever have Yum Yum deviled eggs? 8:21Loyalart12:Cram is amazing when you mix it with BlamCo and brahmin meat 8:21Ant2242:*slight frown* 8:21Ghoullover666:Not that much...I'm more a "steak" girl. 8:21The Ever Ruler :Not as good as my meemaw's recipe but still pretty damn good. 8:21Ghoullover666:brahmin, dog, molerat 8:21The Ever Ruler :(I'm actually eating some deviled eggs right now!) 8:22Loyalart12:(awesome ) 8:22The Ever Ruler :(It is muy delicioso) 8:22Ant2242:"I prefur that to" *smiles* "yes its good" 8:22Loyalart12:Hey Roween, have you heard of a Deathclaw? 8:23Ghoullover666:Deathclaw? 8:23The Ever Ruler :You smoothskins say deathclaw? 8:23Ant2242:"nasty creatures" 8:23Ghoullover666:Is that these big scaly thing? 8:23The Ever Ruler :Yeah *gets up from leaning on wall* I know of the things. 8:23Ghoullover666:Scaly AND scary 8:23Loyalart12:I dunno

Haven't seen one

8:23The Ever Ruler :Yuko you ever see one? 8:23Ant2242:thats y land minds are important" 8:23The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Not yet... I bet I will eventually. 8:24Ghoullover666:I tried to shoot in one's head one time...It didn't do anything. I sneaked away 8:24Loyalart12:I heard they came straight from Hell itself 8:24Ant2242:"you must be verry lucky" 8:24Ghoullover666:*smiles* Nope. Just far far away from it's location 8:24Ant2242:"no hear they came from the west" 8:25The Ever Ruler :I heard rumors they just showed up. Not even irradiated they just... happened.

I kept hearing these stories from the West however...

8:25Loyalart12:That's a scary thought 8:25The Ever Ruler :I'm... investigating myself. 8:25Ant2242:"maybe who knows whats out there?" 8:25Ghoullover666:Do you think they could be mutated creatured kept in a secret Vault? 8:25Loyalart12:*suddenly feels like running the whole way to the cafeteria* 8:26Ant2242:"so whats the download for?" 8:26The Ever Ruler :A secret vault? For whom? Vault-Tec central? The government? 8:26Loyalart12:*runs off* 8:26The Ever Ruler :Yuko: You wouldn't be surprised... 8:26Ghoullover666:Maybe the governement , ghoul 8:26Ant2242:"well the big 82 sugests VT" 8:26Ghoullover666:Loyal?? *runs after him* Wait!! 8:26Vault girl76: 8:26Ant2242:*runns after* 8:27Loyalart12:*stops* 8:27The Ever Ruler :Yuko: These smoothskins are really weird. 8:27Ghoullover666:*couldn't stop in time and tackles Loyal, falling on him* EEK! 8:27The Ever Ruler :They are rather strange... I'm thinking either trauma, or just nothing holding them back.

That or prions.
Yuko: Wha?

8:27Loyalart12:*blushes intensely* 8:27Ant2242:"roween you ok?

... Loyal"

8:28Ghoullover666:sorry o_o...*blushes too* 8:28The Ever Ruler :*both Ever and Yuko casually walk toward the crew* 8:28Loyalart12:It's okay 8:28Ghoullover666:Damn! *stands up and helps Loyal* 8:28Loyalart12:*gets up* 8:28The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Wait until the person falling on you is an annoying old far who's personality is as ugly as he is. 8:28Ant2242:"huu guys"


8:28The Ever Ruler :Oh now that's just cold Yuko... 8:28Ghoullover666:Mmh? 8:29Loyalart12:Sorry for running off 8:29Ant2242:*points to ammout of corpces* 8:29Loyalart12:It just came to me 8:29Ant2242:*large ammount*'s ok...*looks at corpses* o_o... 8:29Loyalart12:What the... 8:29The Ever Ruler :Hey Loyal, have you ever been out West? 8:29Ant2242:*older ones at lables * 8:29Loyalart12:I was born here

Never left

8:30Ant2242:*new ones in a animal pile* 8:30Loyalart12:Not the Vault 8:30The Ever Ruler :Did you... ever get sick really badly? 8:30Loyalart12:Once 8:30Ant2242:(1 sec I want to save) Loyalart12:Why? 8:30Ghoullover666:*sawed-off shotgun in hand* why are there bodies piled on each other?? 8:30The Ever Ruler :I'm just acting on a rumor that there's a disease over there...

Um... I think it was called... the Steel Plague?

8:31Loyalart12:Well, I just got sick when I watched my parents die 8:31The Ever Ruler :Oh hell. Before or after?

And... by whom?


I dunno
They had weird armor on

8:31The Ever Ruler :Were they... big? 8:31Loyalart12:Yeah


8:31The Ever Ruler :Hmm... that's another troubling rumor... 8:32Loyalart12:And green 8:32Ghoullover666:*listen to the story* 8:32The Ever Ruler :Rumors of so called... super mutants. 8:32Loyalart12:Like you? 8:32The Ever Ruler :Judging from the shroud of mystery surrounding the PVP... this doesn't surprise me. 8:32Loyalart12:PVP? 8:33The Ever Ruler :The Pan-immunity Virion Project 8:33Loyalart12:*blank stare* 8:33The Ever Ruler :It was a pre-war effort to counter-kill the New Plague with another virus. 8:33Loyalart12:Oh 8:33Ant2242:"new plague?" 8:33The Ever Ruler :The New Plague was an unleashed biological weapon under "unknown" origins but obviously US. 8:33Ant2242:"oh yea " *remembering stories* 8:33The Ever Ruler :Isn't that right Yuko? 8:34Ghoullover666:*kicks the pile of corpses only to startle a radroach, making it charge toward me* EEEK *shoots* 8:34The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Hm? Oh yes... who brought it to light? The Chinese? 8:34Ant2242:*never herd that last bit"

  • turns to the blast*

8:34Loyalart12:What? 8:34The Ever Ruler :Yeah... after they tried to smuggle the weapon out of the country and compromised th-

What the hell?

8:34Ant2242:*pistol out* 8:34Ghoullover666:Sorry <_< my fault

startled a lone roach

8:35Ant2242:*puts pistol away* 8:35Loyalart12:Roaches aren't scary 8:35Ghoullover666:Yes they are! 8:35The Ever Ruler :Holy fuck! Don't shoot unless you have to, there could be people within earshot. 8:35Loyalart12:Ever is scary 8:35Ghoullover666:*chuckles* 8:35Ant2242:"hey how do you 2 in particular know so mjuch about this?" 8:35Loyalart12:Roaches are just buggish 8:35The Ever Ruler :Damn right I am, *raises arm over face* Bleh!

  • Yuko actually laughs*
It's because we're old smoothskins.

8:36Loyalart12:*looks around* 8:36The Ever Ruler :I was around when all the headlines wouldn't just shut the fuck up about the thing... 8:37Ant2242:*not satified w/ vague answar* 8:37Ghoullover666:*sneezes as quielty as possible* 8:37The Ever Ruler :Now... it would seem with no one left to make news anymore... the government seems to have... gotten carried away with itself. 8:37Ant2242:"I doubt the headlline would know about the secrets" 8:37Loyalart12:*whispers to Roween* You sick? 8:37The Ever Ruler :So would I, but some time in 2077... someone spilled the beans. 8:38Ant2242:*can hear everything* 8:38The Ever Ruler :Even provided documentation and pictures and all sorts of nasty evidence. 8:38Ghoullover666:*whispers back* Nope, just the cold make me sneeze sometimes 8:38Ant2242:*9PE* 8:38Loyalart12:*whispers even more back* You're cold? 8:39Ghoullover666:*whispering*Well, just a lil bit. Remember I died a while ago. it doesn't help, I guess 8:40Ant2242::| 8:40Loyalart12:*whispering* Being cold sucks...Do you wanna borrow my Mom's duster? 8:40Ghoullover666:*pats Loyal's back* Nope, I'll be fine, but thank you ^w^ 8:40The Ever Ruler :Uh smoothskin... you'd be dead if you weren't alive... being previously dead would only require recovery... which generally makes you warmer.

Unless you consider ghoulism to equal death, in which case you'll notice a stark decrease in body temperature.
No one knows why either, all I know is sweating is a thing of the past for me during the summer.

8:42Ant2242:"do you still have swet glands?" 8:42Loyalart12:*whispers to Roween again* How old are you? 8:42The Ever Ruler :Oh yeah, they're still there... 8:42Ant2242:"you never ask a woman that" 8:42The Ever Ruler :I just don't sweat as often due to a lower body temperature. 8:42Ghoullover666:*hugs Loyal in order to steal body heat* I'm young ^w^ 8:43Loyalart12:*blushes* 8:43The Ever Ruler :Good advice, hey Yuko, you have sweat glands? 8:43Loyalart12:Uh... 8:43The Ever Ruler :Yuko: shut up Ever. 8:43Loyalart12:*hugs Roween back* 8:43Ghoullover666:*let go soon after and chuckles at the ghouls' bitching* 8:44The Ever Ruler :How come you never hug me for body heat Yuko? 8:44Ant2242:*is getting jellous nad doesn't know it* 8:44The Ever Ruler :Yuko: I think it has something to do with the fact that I hate you.

And yet here you are.
Yuko: Oh please, I'm only here so that I get to be the one to watch you die.
You going to compose my epitaph too?

8:45Ant2242:'you know you 2 sound like an old married couple " 8:45The Ever Ruler :If so can you let it read, "Here lies Ever, at least now he can't hear Yuko talk anymore."

  • Yuko kicks Ever in the groin*

8:45Ghoullover666:*smirks* 8:45The Ever Ruler :Gnrgh...

  • falls over*

8:46Ant2242:(hey guys at 9 can we talk a pause for the nwe Walking dead?*laghs*) 8:46The Ever Ruler :Lol, sure. 8:46Ghoullover666:(xD sure. we could continue later) 8:46The Ever Ruler :*is watching it too) 8:46Loyalart12:(dang, I have school tomorrow) 8:46Ant2242:(sweet at 9 then) 8:47The Ever Ruler :You bitch... you don't see me exploiting your sex weaknesses? 8:47Loyalart12:(so I have to sleep at 9) 8:47The Ever Ruler :Yuko: Maybe that's because we don't have any Ever.

That's not the point but whatever... I can't focus to well right now.
  • gets up* Gaah... mmmrph that's gonna take awhile for me to get used to.

8:47Loyalart12:*notices an oven in corner of room* 8:48Ant2242:*grabe loyal as he gets closer to kitchen* 8:48Loyalart12:Wha- 8:48Ant2242:"hait smell tat" 8:49Loyalart12:What? 8:49The Ever Ruler :Ah, propane leak... *walks awkwardly*

I've encountered this before.

8:49Ghoullover666:*walks in cafeteria, looking at the place and the lil roaches* 8:49Ant2242:"the gas... theres a leek" 8:49Loyalart12:There is? 8:49Ant2242:(1 sec hold on plese) 8:49The Ever Ruler :Yeah can't you smell that? The Ever Ruler :Yeah can't you smell that? 8:49Loyalart12:I thought all pre-war kitchens smelled like this 8:49The Ever Ruler :Wait a minute... I can smell? But I don't have a nose... 8:50Ghoullover666:*overhear "gas" and "leak", then sniff the air* No cooking in here 8:50The Ever Ruler :Hunh... must've grown back a little... or something... hm, how pleasantly astonishing.

Yuko can you smell?
Yes actually.

8:50Loyalart12:My sense is smell isn't really as good as my sight or hearing 8:50The Ever Ruler :Well I'll be damned... cool was worried it would've been permanent.

pt 2Edit

Ghoullover666:*walks in kitchen area and looks for tin plates and cooking pans*
8:51Ant2242:anyone fix the leek?)

(had to clear my page)

8:52Loyalart12:I hear something really weird
8:52Ghoullover666:What kind of noise, Loyal-boi?
8:52The Ever Ruler :We'd actually probably be safer to just detonate it.
8:53Loyalart12:like, three high-pitched beeping noises, followed by a series of clicking noises
8:53Ant2242:"i dont think thats good"


8:53Ghoullover666:*grabs cooking pan and 5 tin plates and runs out of cafeteria*


8:54Loyalart12:*runs* 8:54The Ever Ruler :*was already out*
8:54Loyalart12:Wait, did you call me Loyal-boi?
8:54Ghoullover666:Uuumh yeah?
8:54Loyalart12:That sounds weird
8:55The Ever Ruler :Yuko seriously, that hurt...
8:55Ghoullover666:what, would you prefer it if I call you Loyal-sama?
8:55The Ever Ruler :Yuko: What, you plan on using it sometime in your lifetime?
8:55Ant2242:*expolsion* "musyave triggered anouther one of those trapstrap"
8:55The Ever Ruler :Good point actually.

What does that mean?

8:56Ant2242:"evrey one alright?"
8:56Ghoullover666:I'm fine.
8:56The Ever Ruler :Peachy
8:56Ghoullover666:and I got something to cook

just need a fire now that the kitchen is probably ruined

8:56Loyalart12:But what does sama mean?
8:56Ant2242:"lest the leeks gone"
8:56The Ever Ruler :You know we could just go outside and create a fire...
8:56Ghoullover666:sama is a mark of respect for someone
8:57Ant2242:".. lets go then"
8:57The Ever Ruler :Like with wood and other old-fashioned things man had been using thousands of years before the stove was invented?
8:57Loyalart12:Is it like chan?
8:57Ghoullover666:Yeah, likely ^^
8:57Ant2242:I think thats like Ms."
~ Denis517 has joined the chat. ~
8:57Ant2242:Kun is Mr."
8:57The Ever Ruler :What do you think about that Yuko Chan?
8:58Denis517 :HEY DENIS
8:58The Ever Ruler :Shut up, you know I never got into that stuff.
8:58Denis517 :FUCK YOU
~ Denis517 has been kicked by Denis517. ~
8:58The Ever Ruler :Thank you Damian, you've said what we were all thinking.


8:58Ghoullover666:*begins walking down the hallway* I'll get out and cook this meat.
8:58Ant2242:*follows w/ pistol drawn*
8:58Ghoullover666:You guys can keep investigating the vault ~
8:58Loyalart12:I'll go too
8:59Loyalart12:It's dangerous to go alone

( k)

8:59Ant2242:(its starin lets pause till its over)

(has paused)


{{Expandable content| gentleghoul's welcome* Welcome to the Fallout RP Wiki chat.
7:30 Ant2242 Yo 7:30 The Ever Ruler*ghoul's welcome*Yep So, what's on the menu today?
7:30 Ghoullover666 your flesh
7:30 The Ever Ruler Sweet What's the price?
7:30 Ant2242 wanta continue ?
7:31 The Ever Ruler Continue... oh yeah that's right. Riiiight... Should we get Loyal?
7:31 Ant2242 Ok
| 7:31 Ghoullover666 yes!
Cc99910 has joined the chat.
7:32 Cc99910 Hewwo
Dead Gunner has joined the chat.
7:32 Dead Gunner eyy
7:32 Ghoullover666 'llo Chris 'llo Nate
7:32 Ant2242 ave
7:33 The Ever Ruler Ah!! Oh yeah, promoted Nate to c-mod at his request... figured it didn't matter much. Some admin I am right?
7:33 Cc99910 It's good, I trust him.
7:33 The Ever Ruler That's what I figured No red tape here...
7:33 Cc99910
7:33 The Ever Ruler >:(*grumpy ghoul*
7:34 Cc99910 What?
7:34 The Ever Ruler Nothing
7:34 Cc99910 Oh :P
7:34 The Ever Ruler That's how I always respond Grumpily
7:34 Cc99910 Loyalart12 has joined the chat.
7:34 The Ever Ruler Ah there art Loyal
7:34 Ghoullover666*hugs that motherfucker*
7:34 Ant2242 yo
7:34 The Ever Ruler Ant here wishes to continue our last session.
7:34 Loyalart12 *hugz back* That sounds awesome
7:34 The Ever Ruler I'll be honest I was running out of stuff for our group to do...
7:34 Dead Gunner yo chris o/
7:34 The Ever Ruler We were getting attacked by Road Raiders or something?
7:34 Cc99910 Wassup
7:34 Dead Gunner EMOTES we need them
7:34 Cc99910 Haven't added that one
7:35 Ant2242 1 sec
7:35 Ghoullover666 i was about to go outside and cook polar bear meat
7:35 The Ever Ruler We need more and less emotes at the same time.
7:35 Cc99910 I have tons of others :P
7:35 Ant2242 Ant2242_reminder_page#Day_2
7:35 The Ever Ruler There are some that just piss me off... like this one: (ok) Oh hey, nevermind (sure)
7:35 Cc99910
7:35 The Ever Ruler Yeah Pisses me right off
7:35 Ant2242 I think we should stay in the Vault till summer
7:35 Cc99910 I changed it so it was less annoying during RP
7:35 Ant2242 then bla bla to settlements and explore
7:36 The Ever Ruler Ever would sooner dig a hole and cover himself with dirt than stay in a vault with a bunch of strangers for a few months...
7:36 Cc99910 That's a really good thing you made Ant, great idea
7:36 The Ever Ruler I'll be elsewhere thank you very much.
7:36 Ant2242*hands shovel*
7:36 The Ever Ruler Thank you
7:36 Ant2242 lol Day 2 guys
7:37 The Ever Ruler*begins digging* Clshck! Kleugh! Onomatopoeiagtg for a short while, my bro needs the computer.
7:37 Ant2242 Kaskaskia k
7:37 Ghoullover666 i read the part at the end, Ant
7:37 Ant2242 k
7:37 Ghoullover666 and, as i said, about to cook meat
7:37 The Ever Ruler Just say Ever and Yuko left to do other things while you guys were busy.
7:37 Ant2242 ok
Chat hacks initialized. To report errors or bugs, or to suggest features or translations, leave a message at w:c:User talk:Monchoman45.
7:38 Ghoullover666 you read it Loyal?
7:38 The Ever Ruler Nevermind, my brother decided to use my laptop.
7:38 Loyalart12 I'm reading right now
7:38 The Ever Ruler*pings through pip-boy for data integrity*You smoothskins find anything unique here? Like special animal tranquilizer formulas?
7:39 Ghoullover666 brb
7:39 Loyalart12 No, not really
7:39 Ant2242 nope
7:39 The Ever Ruler What's the plan after we're all done here?
7:39 Ant2242 head to the next settlement
7:39 The Ever Ruler Because I got what I came for... and as much as I'd love to do whatever it is you came here to do...
7:39 Ant2242 sell some stuff
7:39 Loyalart12*looks at nearby terminal* Can I hack that?
7:40 The Ever Ruler Settlement? This is the apocalypse... you'd be lucky if such a settlement had a working economy.
You're better off just scrounging for survival goods for now. The economy will come back later.
If you are going to hack it take this *hands Loyal a cheatsheet*
7:40 Ant2242 this is remote Canada, there's more settlements in the remote places than you'd think
7:41 Loyalart12*takes cheatsheet* What's this for?
7:41 Cc99910 (I'll be keeping my eye in Nukapedia chat, but looking back and forth from time to time, ping me if needed.)
7:41 The Ever Ruler Yeah... remote... you know where one is or are we just going to roam about randomly hoping to get lucky?
7:41 Ant2242 nope figured we'd follow the rivers steelements are always near water
7:42 The Ever Ruler There are plenty of rivers untapped smoothskin... but I like your thinking, it's on to something. But unless there's a vault up there count me out. I got data to sift through.
7:43 Ant2242 the way its clear outside
7:44 Loyalart12*sits at chair near the terminal and begins hacking*
7:44 Ant2242 up where?/
7:44 The Ever Ruler Up deeper into Canada I plan on returning South where it's less... cold.
7:44 Ant2242 How deep are we in Canada now? I thought we were in remote Canada
7:45 The Ever Ruler I actually thought we were Upper peninsula... after crossing the Mackinaw. Upper peninsula of Michigan that is.
Loyalart12 has left the chat.
7:45 Ant2242 Oh then were in Michigan
7:46 The Ever Ruler But nevertheless smoothskin, I have a busy agenda planned out for me this apocalypse.
7:46 Ant2242 lets look in Remote Michigan/Wisconsin.
7:46 The Ever Ruler It involves vaults and nothing more for now. Revisions pending.
Loyalart12 has joined the chat.
7:46 The Ever Ruler You're lucky Vault 64 is over there smoothskin...
7:46 Ant2242 where?
7:46 The Ever Ruler*66
7:46 Loyalart12*succeeds in hacking*
7:47 The Ever Ruler East UP
7:47 Loyalart12 (sorry guys, my internet is taking a major crap on me)
7:47 The Ever Ruler Courtesy flush
7:47 Ant2242 ... come to think of it, whats this info for? (*flushhhh*)
7:48 The Ever Ruler xD
7:48 Ant2242 )lol( (damn emotes)
7:48 The Ever Ruler Alright alright... I have a plan to make this far more interesting... Smoothskins, what weapons you got on you?*frantically and worried*
7:49 Loyalart12 My assault rifle, my sniper, a shotgun, and an ax
7:49 The Ever Ruler*takes out R91 and gets himself into order*Ammo?
7:49 Loyalart12 Plenty
7:49 Ant2242 Assault rifle, 10mm supressed pistol, Combat shotgun, mines, C4?
7:50 The Ever Ruler Okay... because I think we're in for it now... Listen*Car engines are heard in the distance*Road Raiders...
7:50 Ant2242 a couple of clips 5.56, Over enough 10mm, 17 mines Cool cars! ... Oh shit
7:51 The Ever Ruler Shit! get in the atrium and wait! DO not poke your head out!
7:51 Loyalart12*gets up and runs toward the atrium*
7:51 Ant2242*follows loyal and Roween to Autrium*
7:51 The Ever Ruler brb Alright, I've locked the maintenance wings and this is the only entrance to the atrium. We might be forced to blow it and fight our way out back into the entrance
7:53 Ant2242 ok
7:53 The Ever Ruler Plant some mines at the entrance as close as you can. Do not expose yourself unless you have to.
7:53 Ant2242*readys U plas. rife.*ok, *leaves without anyone noticing*
7:54 The Ever Ruler Get ready to shoot them once they come in... we got the upper floor
Loyalart12 has left the chat.
7:54 The Ever Ruler Put something between you and them though.
Loyalart12 has joined the chat.
7:55 Loyalart12*knocks table over*
7:55 The Ever Ruler Something... *pulls hydraulic door top from frame* heavier!*places door top on side railings and lays on it rifle aimed over it*
Loyalart12 has left the chat.
7:57 Ghoullover666 (back. anything happened?)
7:57 The Ever Ruler (Raiders are on to us) (Road Raiders)
7:57 Ant2242*comes back without anyone noticing* Loyal hey help me move this fridge shell.
7:57 Ghoullover666 (cool. and I was about to cook meat)
7:57 The Ever Ruler (This is before they got heavily organized though, so there's not as many of them)
7:57 Ant2242 (no your in the Autrium)
7:57 Ghoullover666 (Ok. what am I doing?)
7:58 Ant2242 (making cover)
7:58 The Ever Ruler (Preparing for a violent raider burst into the Vault)
7:58 Ghoullover666 (btw, Loyal left. he has glitchy internet)
7:58 The Ever Ruler Shh... wait smoothskins... they might not know we're here...
7:59 Ant2242 (yus) puts fridge in strategic cover position. w/ loyal
Loyalart12 has joined the chat.
7:59 Ghoullover666*Finishes the most awesome barricade I could do with tables, lockers and the shit in the Atrium* -mutters- We'll have decent defenses against 'em
7:59 The Ever Ruler "Alright boys... there were footprints this time... we got ourselves some snails to eat..." "What the fuck do you mean snails?" "I read it in a book once... snails take the shell off of dead snails..." "Dude that's stupid, where did the first shell come from?" "Come from? It was always there... wasn't it?" "No no... nothing's ever always there, I mean this vault wasn't always here."
8:00 Loyalart12*loads rifle*
8:00 The Ever Ruler "It wasn't?!"
8:01 Ant2242*aimes UPR*
8:01 Ghoullover666*gets sniper rifle clean and ready for headshots.*
8:01 The Ever Ruler "NO! Now shut up and look for people... no one should be here..." "Yeah just like sn-"*Ever jumps out and opens fire*HERMIT CRABS YOU IDIOTS!!
8:01 Ghoullover666*a .308 pass over Ever's left shoulder and hit a raider in the throat*
8:01 The Ever Ruler*the first guy is taken out and the second one opens fire*
8:02 Ant2242* covering fire for ever
8:02 Loyalart12*takes aim with rifle*
8:02 The Ever Ruler*three more run in*
8:02 Ant2242 kills 2*
8:02 The Ever Ruler*2 run in but one gives them the order to retreat out*
8:02 Ghoullover666*shoots another in the mouth*
8:03 Ant2242*BTW we heard explosives before they came in*
8:03 Loyalart12*pulls trigger and realizes that this clip is empty*Darn!
8:03 Ant2242 *tosses Loyal a clip*
8:03 Loyalart12 Thanks*loads it*
8:03 The Ever Ruler*jumps from cover and rushes after the escaping raiders*
8:03 Ant2242*puts UPR away pulls out CS**follows ever*
8:03 The Ever Ruler*fires entire magazine into the closest one responding then throws a tomahawk at another turning around*
8:04 Loyalart12*switches to shotgun and follows Ever*
8:04 Ant2242*Covering fire Knee capping them*
8:04 Ghoullover666*Stays at a safe distance and follows*
8:04 The Ever Ruler*takes out pistol and fires at the last one just at the door*
8:04 Ant2242 I think thats all of them.
8:04 The Ever Ruler Wait a minute...*hears engine*
8:05 Ant2242*pulls out AC puts CS away*
8:05 The Ever Ruler Fuck! Technical! They were waiting in cover!
8:05 Loyalart12 Wh-What's a techinical?
8:05 Ant2242*everyone enters Vault door room*
8:05 The Ever Ruler*a truck with snow tires and a 50. cal on the back rushes into scene*
8:06 Ant2242*ducks for cover*
8:06 The Ever Ruler Smoothskins! If you got anything anti-vehicle use it! Otherwise shoot the turre, ah hell... he's heavily armored!
8:06 Loyalart12*looks at engine**switches to sniper rifle*I have a plan
8:06 Ant2242*MG opening up*
8:06 The Ever Ruler Don't even bother whitling it down with bullets smoothskins... they're prepared for that... if you got heavily calibres that might work...
8:07 Ghoullover666*ducks for cover* Like what?
8:07 Ant2242 Sorry, I sont
8:07 Loyalart12 Ant, do you have any C4?
8:07 Ant2242*don'tThe Old World Relics has joined the chat.
8:07 The Ever Ruler Wait! I thought you said you did!?
8:07 Ant2242*cheaks pockets* Yea last one. Whats the plan?
8:08 The Ever Ruler Shit... wait, you do!? How far can you throw it!?
8:08 Ant2242 Didnt have heavy caliber
8:08 Loyalart12 Throw it at the engine and let me hit it
8:08 Ghoullover666*shivers* Ant boy?
8:08 The Ever Ruler No it's too risky... I have an idea though...
8:08 Ghoullover666 MAybe I can use the C-4 in an intelligent way...risky too
8:08 The Ever Ruler Quick, someone come with me. Yuko: On it
8:08 Ant2242 all ears *as MG keeps me pinned*
8:08 The Ever Ruler*Ever and Yuko go running into the atrium**a few moments later they emerge with the heavy hydraulic door top in hand*
8:09 Ghoullover666 If you were to give me that C-4, Maybe I could find a way to slide under the vehicule and get it rigged 8:09 Loyalart12 What are you doing with that?
8:09 The Ever Ruler While it's shooting at you! *from behind the door* Fuck that... put it on front of this thing. I have an idea...
8:10 Ant2242*tosses C4 to Yoko*
8:10 The Ever Ruler Detonator smoothskin...
8:10 Ant2242 As soon as you advance Ill give u covring fire
8:10 The Ever Ruler*Yuko holds onto it*
8:10 Loyalart12*in head* What are these psychos up to?
8:11 The Ever Ruler Yuko: If it's shot before we get there... we'll have to come up with something else!
8:11 Ant2242 *tosses detonator to Yoko*
8:11 The Ever Ruler*Yuko quickly tosses it to Ever*
8:11 Ant2242 (isnt ever holdinf the door?)
8:11 The Ever Ruler We're both holding the door with one hand by the handle
8:12 Ant2242 (ah)
8:12 The Ever Ruler Then hoisting it up with our shoulders If you smoothskins want, you can stay behind us and provide us with immediate cover fire.
8:12 Ghoullover666*shivers and looks at Loyal* I don't want to die once again. you don't have any superstim left, right?
8:12 Dead Gunner hey Nathan I'm here
8:12 The Ever Ruler Yes, the Nates are her.*here"What the fuck are those zombies up to back there!?"
8:13 Ant2242 I do Roween.
8:13 The Old World Relics Lol, I've been looking for a time to jump in...
8:13 The Ever Ruler "WHAT!? I can't here you stop shooting!!"
Loyalart12 has left the chat.
8:13 Ghoullover666*positions self behind the ghouls* alright alright
Loyalart12 has joined the chat.
8:13 The Ever Ruler "They're hoisting up a door from the vault... I... I think they're going to rush us!" 8:13 Ant2242 Covers from Vault door
8:14 The Ever Ruler "Stupid zombies... that door can't protect them from 50. cals... can it?" "Well find out!"
8:14 Loyalart12 *gets behind everyone*
8:14 The Ever Ruler *firing continues and the door is getting hit heavily*Fuck! Charge!!
8:14 Ghoullover666 *rushes*
8:14 The Ever Ruler *Both Ever and Yuko rush with the door as it's getting whitled away*
8:14 Ant2242 *covering fires*Distracting the 50*
8:15 The Ever Ruler *turret gunner keeps shooting the door, bullets ping off of his heavy armor**the door is beginning to compromise**quickly smoothskin! Get out and shoot his legs! It might not penetrate his armor but it will force his leg to move!
8:16 Ant2242*hits gunner w/ 5.56. MG stops fireing temporarily*
8:16 Loyalart12*aims through scope at driver*
8:16 The Ever Ruler*Yuko runs out from the door and throws the C4*
8:16 Ghoullover666 Now we get the fuck away from it?
8:16 The Ever Ruler*The turret gunner shoots her in the arm leg and side abdomen after he regains stature*
8:17 Ant2242*continues to covering fire*
8:17 The Ever Ruler*Ever detonates the C4 after running over Yuko with the door*
8:17 Ghoullover666*shoots at gunner 2 times with shotgun*
8:17 The Ever Ruler*the C4 rips apart the vehicle and the gunner's armor*
8:17 Ant2242*as last 5.56 is fired the luchy shot likks the gunner*
8:17 The Ever Ruler*the driver dies instantly as he wasn't wearing anything*
8:18 Ghoullover666*smirks as the vehicule lays in parts*
8:18 Ant2242*quickly whips out sidearm and rushes around to the left*
8:18 Loyalart12 It's gone?
8:19 The Ever Ruler "*coughs up blood* You guys were lucky... you had some clever zombies with you... *laughs*"
8:19 Ant2242*jumps into bushes while other vehicle moves in*
8:19 Ghoullover666*go look for survivors* Maybe there's something left to play with!
8:19 The Ever Ruler*raider dies*Smoothskins! Mines... *with worry on his face*
8:19 Ant2242 *hears vehicle moves to intercept*
8:19 Loyalart12 *walks toward wreckage* What?
8:20 The Ever Ruler *immediately face turns to anger and Ever rushes out of any cover and shoots at the driver's side with his R91**it's far away and few bullets hit*
8:20 Ant2242 *as makeshift pickup rounds sharp corner and slows down* I empty a clip in to th drivers side window*
8:20 The Ever Ruler *Ever reloads almost instinctively*
8:21 Ghoullover666 *shotguns the drivers side too*
8:21 The Ever Ruler *the car inexplicably swerves off the Road and flips over car into a bank of snow*
8:21 Ant2242 *reloads then shoots the pasenger before he has time to pull out his N80*
8:21 The Ever Ruler *Ever rushes over to the gunner and unloads another magazine into him*
8:21 Ghoullover666 *picks up a piece of the previous vehicule and uses it as shield*
8:22 Ant2242 Openms drivers door and cheaks to see if corpces*
8:22 Loyalart12 *kicks a part of destroyed technical*
8:22 The Ever Ruler *shoots the surviving driver with his pistol 4 times**breaths heavily for a few seconds in silence*
8:22 Ant2242 Hey guys I think were cleaer
8:22 Ghoullover666 *looks at Ever in silence*
8:22 The Ever Ruler Yuko! *rushes over to her to check her wounds*
8:22 Ant2242 I think that ewe need to leave before more are drawn to the noise
8:23 The Ever Ruler Yuko! Are you okay? How badly are you hurt?
8:23 Ant2242*moves bodies out of vehicle cheaks for valuables*
8:23 The Ever Ruler Yuko: *wipes some blood from her mouth and is holding a cloth to her side*
8:24 Ghoullover666 *walks up to Loyal* -mutters- That ghoul scares me a bit.
Loyalart12 has left the chat.
8:24 The Ever Ruler Yuko: I've... *mutters in wounded voice* been better...
Loyalart12 has joined the chat.
8:25 Loyalart12 *nods*
8:25 The Ever Ruler *Ever riffles through his rucksack and takes out a medic-kit*
8:25 Ant2242 Pulls off Passengers Bandolere with filled clips of 5.56 *muttering finally* Takes off holster with 5.56 pistol, takes N80 & 2 10mm clips from passenger.*
8:25 The Ever Ruler It's going to be okay... I got stimpaks and bandages... you're going to be fine.
8:26 Ant2242 Hey Roween Ive found a bag of stims and chems in the back
8:26 Ghoullover666 *walks up to Ant* Cool, i got space for that in my bag
8:26 Ant2242 Can you run these over...
8:26 The Ever Ruler *notices Yuko's exposed cybernetic arm* *chuckles* I remember when I installed that... you said it was too heavy...
8:26 Ant2242 Ok, I glad there alright!
8:27 Ghoullover666 *puts stims and chems in a pocket* We'll share 'em when we'll part ways
8:27 Ant2242 Ok! Everyone into the truck . We gotta go.
8:27 The Ever Ruler *Yuko winces in pain and it prevents her from saying something to Ever* I'm not leaving smoothskins! Not until Yuko is up on her feet...
8:28 Ant2242 *Gets in drivers seet. Roween gets into passengers seet. Pulls truck around*
8:28 Loyalart12 ...
8:28 The Ever Ruler Yuko: You... *coughs a little* always were so quick to drop everything... just for a single patient...
8:29 Ghoullover666 Hey Loyal-boi! Come and sit at my place, I'll be between you and Ant!
8:29 Ant2242 Loyal, come on get in
8:29 Loyalart12 Okay
8:29 The Ever Ruler You know me... always so punctual...
8:29 Loyalart12 *hops in truck*
8:29 Ghoullover666 *gets closer to Ant and get squeezed between the two men* Haaa, warm at last! hehe
8:29 The Ever Ruler Now stop talking, your diaphragm is severed at the sides and your arm and leg aren't doing much better. *picks up Yuko with much difficulty* Shit... remind me to work out why don't ya?
8:30 Ant2242 ..., one sec*mutters damn gets out and opens back door to cab/ rearseets*
8:31 The Ever Ruler Yuko: I have you scrawney... stupid... man *Yuko succumbs to the painkiller* *puts Yuko in the back of the truck*
8:31 Loyalart12 *looks at ground and remains silent* floor*
8:31 Ant2242 Goes over to Ever * comeon I got the top you get the legs* we pu in truck*
8:31 The Ever Ruler*notices leg has been shot*
8:32 Ant2242 Gets in to seet closes door*
8:32 The Ever Ruler No need smoothskin... you know how to drive**closes the back after getting in and begins treating own leg*
8:32 Ghoullover666 *passes arm around Loyal's shoulder* You awright?
8:32 Loyalart12 *looks up at Roween* Yeah...
8:32 Ant2242 Stars to drive away -- south* Everyone else ok?
8:33 The Ever Ruler Smoothskin... where'd you learn to drive? You look to young to be pre-war.
8:33 Ghoullover666 -mutters to Loyal- You sure?
8:33 The Ever Ruler *too
8:33 Loyalart12 *shakes head*
8:33 Ant2242 My ba... Vilage
8:33 Ghoullover666 *hugs Loyal* Good.
8:34 Loyalart12 *whispering to Roween* That felt like a home to me
8:34 Ant2242 Had a coulpl working ones *bump in road*
8:34 The Ever Ruler *overhears smoothskins but continues wrapping bandages around leg*
8:34 Ant2242 But you know ... replacement part and all
8:34 The Ever Ruler That's a rarity these days smoothskin... replacement parts are hard to come by...
8:34 Ghoullover666 *whispering back* Not for me. you know how many people have maybe died in that place. Not fond of tombs. hehe
8:35 Ant2242 *drive around wrecked vehicle as we enter the road*
8:35 Loyalart12 *chuckles slightly*
8:35 Ant2242 *chuckles as well*
8:35 The Ever Ruler That concerns me a little actually... these raiders... they were able to spare two technicals for this run... back in the beginning that's all that was necessary to take out a town and now they're using them to check abandoned vaults...
8:35 Loyalart12 Maybe they knew we were in there?
8:36 Ghoullover666 *smirks* I could've been friend with these huge beasts back in that vault
8:36 Ant2242 maybe they want a home base?
(1 sec)
8:36 Ghoullover666 using a Vault as a base? That's... clever.
8:36 The Ever Ruler Or maybe... they've found a way to secure more parts...
8:36 Loyalart12 That terminal I hacked had info that I couldn't read
8:37 Ghoullover666 How so, Loyal?
8:37 Loyalart12 It was like some other language
8:37 Ant2242 Did you download any of it?
8:37 Loyalart12 I took the entire hardrive
8:37 Ant2242 Cool... now u need a computer to put ot in
8:38 The Ever Ruler By the way, keep the cheatsheet, I don't think I need it anymore anyway.
8:38 Loyalart12 Thanks

    Ghoullover666 Other language huh?      

8:39 Loyalart12 Yeah
8:39 Ghoullover666 Could you...maybe type a word of it? or spell? or write?


8:39 Loyalart12 E-S-P-A-N-O-L But the N had something above it 8:40 Ghoullover666 o-O oh... 8:40 Ant2242 a ~ ? 8:40 Loyalart12 Yeah 8:40 Ant2242 That's Spanish. 8:40 Ghoullover666 Espagnol 8:40 Loyalart12 Sp- What? 8:40 Ghoullover666 ah right in English it's spanish <_< from Spain, a country far far away 8:41 Ant2242 More questions than answars... 8:41 The Ever Ruler Espanol smoothskins... comprendo, no comprendando 8:42 Ghoullover666 You speak spanish, ghoul? 8:42 The Ever Ruler Si senorita 8:42 Loyalart12

  • punches Ever in face* The power of Christ compels you!

8:42 The Ever Ruler Tres anos back in la escuel- ow what the fuck? Damnit smoothskin you caught me off guard. Back in high school, three years of foreign language was required. 8:43 Ant2242

  • laghs*

8:43 Ghoullover666 o_O Um Loyal.. he was just speaking another language. 8:43 Loyalart12 Oh Sorry 8:43 Ant2242 High School? 8:43 Ghoullover666

  • Looks back at ghoul* Yet you wouldn't understand a thing I say

8:43 The Ever Ruler Who would've though I'd be using it at the age of one-hundred and fucking forty trying to explain it to a bunch of people who grew up without an education because the entire world's infrastructure collapsed...

  • thought

8:44 Ghoullover666

  • turns around on seat and grabs Ever's collar* Excuse me?

Without education?!? 8:44 The Ever Ruler Without a standardized education. 8:44 Ghoullover666 SAY IT AGAIN IN MY FACE' FUCKER 8:44 Loyalart12

  • puts hand on Roween's shoulder* Calm down

8:44 The Ever Ruler Quick, if 3x equals six how much does x equal? 8:44 Ant2242 Without a "Formal" pre-War one maybe 8:44 Ghoullover666 It equals two 8:45 The Ever Ruler Very good 8:45 Ant2242 2... jackass 8:45 The Ever Ruler Alright, now if the limit of f of x as x approaches infinity equals what if f of x is 3x over 2x squared? 8:46 Ant2242 .... 8:46 The Ever Ruler And there you go smoothskins. 8:46 Loyalart12

  • punches Ever again* The power of Christ compels you again!

8:46 Ant2242 Jackass! 8:46 The Ever Ruler OW! 8:46 Ant2242 Thank You! 8:46 The Ever Ruler Alright alright fine... I'm sorry. ... The answer is zero by the way. 8:46 Ghoullover666

  • looks in Ever's eyes with a maniacal gleam* T'aurais besoins de plus de coups. Now tell me who's the 16th President of the United States

8:46 Loyalart12 (brb) 8:46 The Ever Ruler The 16th? Ooh she's a clever one... 8:47 Ant2242 Lincoin 8:47 The Ever Ruler Taking advantage of my lack of memorization... 8:47 Ant2242 The Great Emancipator 8:47 The Ever Ruler Washington, Adams, Jefferson... shit... who comes after Jefferson? Oh yeah Adams again. Jackson Madison 8:48 Loyalart12 (back) 8:48 Ant2242 Hey how many presidents are Father son Ever? 8:48 The Ever Ruler Here's an interesting tidbit smoothskins. Who was the president of the United States under the Article of Confederation during the signing of the declaration of independence? Fuck if I know smoothskin... I'll let you know when the answer to that becomes a matter of life and death though. 8:49 Ghoullover666

  • smirks and leave Ever alone*

8:49 Loyalart12

  • raises hand as if to almost punch Ever*

8:49 Ant2242 Adamss, Bushs, and Smithss 8:49 The Ever Ruler It was Hancock by the way, that's why he signed it so large. 8:49 Ant2242 also the Roosevelrts were first cosins 8:49 Ghoullover666

  • folds arms, without the evil smile leaving her face*

8:50 Loyalart12 You guys are speaking nonsense 8:50 Ghoullover666 Maybe, Loyal. Maybe. It doesn't matter anymore, I guess. Now, only important thing is survival 8:51 The Ever Ruler Yeah, all that shit was just supplemental stuff that we could use in our survival. Like Calculus being usable in order to... um... plot income or some shit. Yuko do you know? 8:51 Ghoullover666

  • smirks* Bien sûr que le calcul va nous aider. Bleh.

8:52 The Ever Ruler

  • Yuko grumbles angrily as she falls back into uncomfortable sleep, wounded in the back of a truck in the open cold.

8:52 Loyalart12

  • almost punches Roween* Stop speaking nonsense

8:52 The Ever Ruler Come on Yuko you're better at math than I am. 8:52 Ant2242

  • smerks thinks damn that cute accent*

8:52 Ghoullover666

  • purrs and smiles wide* You're just not used to another language, my dear.

8:53 Loyalart12

  • blushes at 'my dear'*

8:53 Ant2242 shes speeking french ... 8:53 The Ever Ruler El la vida... Yuko: *utters mandarin in an easily detectable irritated voice* 8:54 Ghoullover666

  • turns to Ant, a surprised looks on her face* You...know that language? I thought the idea of french died long ago o_O

along with the annexation of Canada and all that 8:54 The Old World Relics

  • bah was pinged by Canada*

8:54 The Ever Ruler Yeah, before the war happened Canadians would take up French just to separate themselves from their US oppressors... 8:54 Ghoullover666 (sorry Fellow!) 8:55 Ant2242 No Im good with History, but my languages are rusty 8:55 The Ever Ruler I wouldn't be surprised if they all spoke it now... 8:55 Ant2242 I can tell the differences though. 8:55 The Old World Relics

  • Ever thoughts plug in to FanFic*

8:55 Ant2242 Uh... they do now. 8:56 Loyalart12

  • tries to fall asleep*

8:56 Ghoullover666

  • smiles* I don't know about the Canadians. they seem like a tough bunch.

8:56 Ant2242 Arent we all...

  • looks at road block ahead*

8:57 Ghoullover666

  • smile turns to a kinda mean smirk* Canadians survived the US assimilation.

8:57 The Ever Ruler Wait... a road... block... where are we? 8:57 Loyalart12

  • is asleep*

8:58 Ant2242 Yup and the great war too. *smiles big* *doesnt catch the mean* south Yea old trafic blocking the raod 8:59 The Ever Ruler Um... stop short of it, let's walk there. Last thing we want to do is to fall into a trap obviously set for a vehicle. 8:59 Ant2242

  • pulls truck to defendable position north of road block*

8:59 The Ever Ruler brb bathroom 9:00 Ant2242 (1 sec want to save) 9:00 Ghoullover666

  • rests head against Loyal's shoulder and speaks softly* Loyaaaaal... You have to wake uuup ~

9:00 Loyalart12

  • wakes up and instinctively swings arms around*


  • catches arms and laughs* well well, you're quite the fighter! hehehe

9:01 Loyalart12 Where are we? 9:02 Ant2242 in a truck 9:02 Ghoullover666 on the road still, but old stopped trafic is blocking us 9:02 Ant2242 u alright? 9:02 Loyalart12 Who? 9:02 Ghoullover666

  • still holding Loyal's wrist tightly* I'm good ;)

9:02 Ant2242 both of you 9:02 Loyalart12

  • nods*

9:02 Ant2242 Ok

  • looks down*
  • disheartened*

9:03 Ghoullover666

  • releases* Careful, I could kill you if we were involved into a brawl

9:03 Loyalart12 I wouldn't try to hurt you

  • looks at Ant* You okay?

9:04 Ant2242 Hey, lest go cheak out that road block 9:04 Ghoullover666

  • purrs* Good, I wouldn't try to hurt me either! hehe. joking. I have no reason to hurt anyone 'cept raiders. *Gets off the truck* yeah, let's go steal a car!

9:04 Ant2242 ... yeah I'm fine *notices the blood on my left side* 9:04 The Ever Ruler Smoothskin, hand me your sniper rifle. I'll cover you if things go south. Besides... if there are civies, they might not be keen on seeing a ghoul... 9:05 Loyalart12

  • gives Ever the sniper rifle*

9:06 Ant2242

  • wipes away blood* getts out of the parked vehicle and gois into the bushes tword the blockage*

9:06 The Ever Ruler Where did you get this thing? This is military issue... 9:06 Loyalart12 My dad 9:06 The Ever Ruler And your average soldier wasn't a sniper... Oh, was he a sniper? 9:06 Loyalart12 I guess (brb in a few minutes, whoever wants to control me while I'm gone can) 9:07 Ghoullover666

  • passes by Ant toward first vehicule* I wonder why these are still looking decent.

9:07 Ant2242 Loyal:... or maybe my grandfather was. I dont see any movement or evedence of such

  • moves throught the wreakage*

Journeyman Vickers has joined the chat. 9:09 Ant2242

  • goes to otherside nothong*

9:10 The Ever Ruler Yuko... Yuko. Yuko!! *gently knudges her awake* 9:10 Ant2242 Hey Roween We're good! 9:10 The Ever Ruler Yuko: What the fuck do you want? We might need to be alert up ahead... can you operate? 9:10 Ant2242 Loyal: good you're awake> 9:11 The Ever Ruler JV, would you like an exposition? 9:11 Ghoullover666

  • Looks at the most recent model of car around* Hai gorgeous...I'd take you for a ride, would you like too? *kicks car* You'd love too ;D yeaaah.

9:12 Ant2242

  • walks towrd car*

9:12 Journeyman Vickers (I'll come in a little late when i understand what's going on) 9:12 The Ever Ruler Yuko, would you say this situation up ahead looks dicey? 9:12 Ant2242 Ant2242_reminder_page#pt3 9:12 The Ever Ruler Yuko: *angrily gets up and looks around* It doesn't look like a trap... but it is a fair ambush point. 9:14 Ant2242

  • pops open hood of car*

9:14 The Ever Ruler But again... no signs of any activity... Smoothskins, don't open too many doors. Raiders are smart and rig them with explosives to take out rival gangs!! 9:15 Ant2242 Uh Roween sorry to burst your bubble but this engine is siesed solid. 9:15 Journeyman Vickers (New mexico eh? perhaps i could pull out my ex-legion character. . .) 9:15 Ghoullover666

  • raises hands in a dramatic way* whyyyy??

9:15 Ant2242 (no upper Wisconsin) 9:15 The Ever Ruler (Hang on JV I'll fill ya in) 9:15 Journeyman Vickers (oh shit, my bad, PM me and fill me in) 9:16 Ghoullover666

  • smirks* oh well. *attempts to flip the car over*

9:16 Ant2242 Oh a bit of luck though... Its in nuetrul 9:16 Ghoullover666 Orly? 9:16 Ant2242 yup can you hold this? *hands Assault Carbine

9:19 Ghoullover666

  • holds it* Alright

9:19 Ant2242

  • pushed semi solid car off road into embankment8
  • hed bleading more than it should*

9:22 Loyalart12 (back) (what'd I miss?) 9:24 Ghoullover666

  • looks worried* alright, Ant?

9:24 The Ever Ruler (Nothing much) 9:25 Loyalart12

  • decides not to talk*

You are now away. 9:27 Ghoullover666

  • puts things aside and help Ant push the cars aside*

You are no longer away. 9:27 Ant2242 Yah fine *stumble over to next vehicle* 9:27 Loyalart12 Need help? 9:27 Ant2242

  • wipes blood of head*

hey theres shrapnel

  • stimbles again* Whoo... blood, loss

9:28 Loyalart12

  • helps Ant walk*

9:28 The Ever Ruler HEY!! Is that smoothskin okay!! We're running out of real-estate back in the truck's flatbed!! 9:29 Loyalart12 He took one to the head! 9:29 Ant2242 Pulls out stim *injects* 9:29 Ghoullover666

  • points toward the truck* Ant, you go and see Ever.

9:29 Ant2242 Whoo 9:29 Ghoullover666 No, stims won't do, go. see. ever 9:30 Ant2242 Na... *gets up daised* just shrapnel

  • smiles*

Thanks though 9:32 Ghoullover666

  • pouts* If you die, I take your stuff

9:32 Ant2242 Hey loyal can you help me roal this vehicle? 9:32 Loyalart12 Yeah 9:32 The Ever Ruler Shit... we got another patient... Yuko good news! You're going to get company! Yuko: Fuck... 9:32 Loyalart12

  • pushes vehicle with Ant*

9:32 The Ever Ruler Yeah, just like me! *knows its bugging her* 9:33 Ant2242 Please don't pout. 9:33 Ghoullover666

  • a faint smile appears* Hehe.

9:34 Ant2242 There we ...Gh go *car rolls into embankment* See, no problem 9:34 Loyalart12 Get. To. Ever. 9:35 Ant2242 ... Now one more pickup. 9:35 Ghoullover666

  • looks at previous gorgeous car, walks up to it, and execute a hammer kick on the hood*

Now I'll recognise it if I ever come back around these parts 9:35 Ant2242

  • dry rott hood snaps off hindge*

9:35 The Ever Ruler Smoothskin! Let me take a look at the wound and decide whether you can keep going! If yes, sure, if not, don't risk it further! 9:36 Ant2242

  • pushing Pichup off to side*

9:36 Loyalart12

  • hears a rustling noise*

9:37 The Ever Ruler brb in about 10 minutes... gotta go and get a backpack from another house. 9:37 Dead Gunner hey guys mind if I join? 9:37 Ant2242

  • Gets 5 feet* Whoo, yea... hey real quick couls some one get this shrapnel from my head.

9:37 Journeyman Vickers i'm about to here shortly, actually 9:37 Ant2242

  • smiles*

9:37 Loyalart12 (I just gave a trigger for someone to enter) 9:38 The Old World Relics (I've been watching for an hour trying to find a good spot to jump in) 9:38 Ghoullover666

  • escorts Ant to the truck* Foolish man

(I can notice you watching from cover and rushe to you if you want, Fellow) 9:39 Ant2242 Sorry 9:39 Ghoullover666

  • sighs* It'll be ok

9:39 The Old World Relics (bah let JV get in first) 9:40 Ghoullover666 (ok) 9:40 Journeyman Vickers

  • sees people in the distance* "Hmm. . . I wonder if they're friendly. . . better sneak up before they notice me. . ."

9:41 Ghoullover666

  • leaves Ant to the truck and gets back to the cars and to Loyal* You good?

9:41 Ant2242 (please be a semi local traider) 9:41 Loyalart12 Hm? 9:41 Ghoullover666

  • smiles* With the cars? need help :3 ?

9:41 Loyalart12 If you want 9:42 Journeyman Vickers

  • switches off safety of Laser Rifle in case they're not friendly*
  • continues to advance forward unnoticed*

9:42 Ant2242

  • wispers* hey ever 12 o clock

9:43 Ghoullover666 [Unarmed 80] It'll be quick. *pushes one car with too much strench and almost flips it* Eek! Sorry o_O i don't know my strenght <_< 9:43 Ant2242 someones in the bush 9:43 Loyalart12 It's cool 9:43 Ant2242 looks over dama girl.... *big lovestruck smile* 9:44 Loyalart12 [Perception 9] I hear something 9:44 Ghoullover666

  • pushes it on the side and eyes around*

9:44 Ant2242 Ever: Ah... I see Ever: Yoko take the pistol point it over there *points* 9:45 Journeyman Vickers

  • realizes salvaged power armor is rattling*

9:45 Ghoullover666

  • smiles like a lil devil* Should I scare it away?

9:45 Journeyman Vickers "Friendlies?" 9:45 Loyalart12 You shoot, we shoot 9:45 Ghoullover666 It depends! 9:45 Ant2242 Who are you? 9:45 Journeyman Vickers "I don't feel like getting shot at today" 9:45 Ant2242 Good. 9:45 Journeyman Vickers "Names Muller, Sergeant Jack Muller, Ex-Army." 9:46 Ant2242 Then put your weapons awAY 9:46 Journeyman Vickers

  • lowers AER-9*

9:46 Ant2242 (Its 2 generations after the GW) 9:46 Journeyman Vickers "sorry about that, can't be too cautious, especially nowadays" (ever told me) (my OC is around 38 years old now) 9:47 Loyalart12

  • holds out hand* Loyal, Loyal Jameson, Ex-Trader

9:47 Ghoullover666

  • teeth clenches and palms changes into fists, recognizing the armor*

9:47 Journeyman Vickers

  • shakes hand* nice to make your aquaintance, Loyal"

9:47 Ghoullover666

  • gets back to moving the cars aside of the road*

9:47 Journeyman Vickers "what's with her. . . eh?" 9:47 Loyalart12

  • shrugs* She's not normally like that

You must smell funny 9:48 Ant2242

  • puts 10mm awy*

9:48 Ghoullover666 [Unarmed 80] *kicks a mothertruckin' motorcycle to the side*

  • 9 feet away*

9:49 Journeyman Vickers "don't mind my T-45d by the way, I've had to strip it of it's servo motors, now it's just glorified metal armor" 9:49 Loyalart12 T-45d? 9:49 Journeyman Vickers "lost my helmet awhile back. . ." 9:49 Loyalart12 Servo motors? 9:50 Ghoullover666

  • pushes another vehicule, noticing it's another expensive model* -speaking to the car- Ohai sexy ;D I'll mark you too, don't worry.

9:50 Journeyman Vickers "Things that make power armor work" 9:50 Ant2242 Old armor Loyal 9:50 Loyalart12 Oh Power armor? 9:50 Ghoullover666

  • gets in front of said car and execute another hammer kick on it* There!

9:50 Journeyman Vickers "Advanced Army Armor, well, not as advanced as the T-51b, but good enough" 9:51 Ant2242 Yes Ever: Got it... big shrapnel good thing you took that stim Thanks 9:51 Loyalart12

  • is 15* I don't understand half of what you're saying

9:51 Journeyman Vickers "Hey lady, what's your beef?" *not realizing she's canadian* 9:51 Ant2242 Ever: no problem .... damn smoothslin 9:51 Ghoullover666

  • wait for the Army guy to get closer, pretending not to hear*

9:52 Ant2242

  • walks over closer to others*

9:52 Ghoullover666

  • pushes luxury car aside*

9:52 Journeyman Vickers "I'm gonna go talk to her. . ." 9:52 Loyalart12 Have fun 9:52 Journeyman Vickers

  • starts walking towards the girl, not knowing what to expect*

"What's wrong, maybe i could help. . . ?" Cc99910 has left the chat. 9:55 Ghoullover666 [unarmed]*turns around quickly, catching the man's throat with enough strenght to make him fall on his back, then griping his two wrists tightly* What's wrong? your presence around me.*puts a knee on his torso's to prevent moves* Either you just leave me the fuck alone, or I'll rip out your throat my my teeth. Have I made myself clear, fucker? Dead Gunner has left the chat. 9:56 Ghoullover666 -with my 9:56 Journeyman Vickers

  • gasps for air* "what the fuck lady?! whaddaya got against me?!"
  • recognizes the accent*

"oh. .. shit" You are now away. 9:57 The Ever Ruler back Give me a minute to catch up 9:57 Journeyman Vickers "Listen, i was following orders damn it! It was either Canada or Hopeville!" 9:57 Loyalart12

  • looks up and notices the scene ahead*

9:57 Ghoullover666

  • growls violently* Orders?

ARE YOU A GODDAMN MACHINE? You are no longer away. 9:58 Ant2242 Roween , Clam... Down 9:58 Journeyman Vickers "No. . . maybe. . . I don't know anymore damn you!" 9:58 Loyalart12

  • runs over to Roween and Jack*

9:58 Ant2242 Its ok. 9:58 Ghoullover666

  • growls more* You killed many of us. you killed simple, helpless citizens

9:59 Loyalart12 (Hey Ant, that was an awesome fish pun) 9:59 Journeyman Vickers "I didn't kill anyone!" 9:59 Ant2242 (fish pun?) 9:59 Loyalart12 (clam down) 9:59 The Ever Ruler Ever: "Damn smoothskin" xD 9:59 Ant2242 (not intended) Not all American soldiers are killers! 9:59 Ghoullover666 I should burn you alive for what you mindless soldiers did to my people. 10:00 The Ever Ruler Hold up smoothskins... I've met his kind before... The kind who had a direct hand in this world's chemotherapy... The man is not guilty of anything except for following the orders of men he trusted who believed what they were doing was necessary to protect their country if not humanity. 10:00 Ant2242 Think of him as a worker bee. 10:01 Loyalart12 Guys, please...stop it 10:01 The Ever Ruler Think of him as a human. No one does anything without a good reason. Not even those who ended the world. 10:01 Ant2242 A small small entity doing simple tasks for his superiors 10:01 Journeyman Vickers I was on checkpoint duty with a man named Clark, we never killed anyone, we sure as hell didn't agree with the situation at hand" 10:01 Ant2242 True ever, He isnt a bee 10:01 Ghoullover666

  • stands up and leave the "worker bee" alone* You're a fuckin disgrace. even years after that your kind butchered my family for the simple fuckin fact that they were speaking french.

10:02 The Ever Ruler And remember smoothskins... we all played a hand in the war... every moment we go on we carry on its unintended yet inevitable legacy. 10:02 Ant2242 True. 10:02 Journeyman Vickers "You whore! I'm no disgrace!" 10:02 Ant2242

  • punches JV*

10:02 Journeyman Vickers

  • raises Plasma Defender toward the girl*

10:02 Loyalart12

  • disarms Jack*

10:02 The Ever Ruler Smoothskins calm the fuck down! 10:03 Ant2242

  • breaks hand *

sorry 10:03 The Ever Ruler Roween, this man may be a soldier but he might not be some of those over in Canada... And even if he was, what I said still holds truth. 10:03 Ghoullover666

  • Looks at him with a cold glare* Shoot me. that's what you do best.


  • breaks hand *

sorry 10:03 The Ever Ruler Roween, this man may be a soldier but he might not be some of those over in Canada... And even if he was, what I said still holds truth. 10:03 Ghoullover666

  • Looks at him with a cold glare* Shoot me. that's what you do best.

10:03 The Ever Ruler He does not do what he does with hate... he does it with the idea of self-benefit in such dire-times. 10:04 Loyalart12

  • yells with full force* GUYS! CALM DOWN!

10:04 Journeyman Vickers "No. . . I'm not going to kill you. You're not worth your weight in energy cells" 10:04 Ghoullover666

  • remains silent, standing there eying the soldier*

10:04 Journeyman Vickers

  • holsters plasma defender*

10:04 The Ever Ruler You're not buying yourself any brownie points tinskin. 10:04 Ant2242 Tell u what hears your piatol back -- in good faith Asswhole The Ever Ruler Now... what do you really want tinskin? 10:06 Journeyman Vickers "Shit zombie, if i wanted brownie points I'd be in the Enclave right now." 10:06 Ghoullover666

  • Now obvious that she got military hand-to-hand training* You stay the fuck out of my way, I'll stay clear of yours.

10:06 Ant2242 The who? 10:06 Journeyman Vickers "I'm traveling to California, maybe find Mariposa." 10:06 Ant2242 Why are you going to cucoon? Answer! >| 10:07 The Ever Ruler

  • ear muscles prick at the sound of the word "Mariposa"*
  • quickly calms his tension so as to not arouse suspicion*

10:07 Ant2242

  • notices Ever*

10:07 Ghoullover666

  • gets in the back of a car and sit in*

10:08 Journeyman Vickers "I've got a friend out there, maybe i could find him, dead or alive" 10:08 The Ever Ruler I've heard about that place smoothskin... FEV was being housed there. I think the military purified it pre-war though... 10:08 Loyalart12 Roween, can I talk to you for a sec? 10:08 Ant2242 Not answered! Get out of here Asshle... Now!

  • Goes back too car*

10:08 Journeyman Vickers "I knew a guy there, name of Maxson, good man, great leader. I was sent to canada while he went to Mariposa." 10:09 Ghoullover666

  • attemps to keep cool* Yeah...I suppose

10:09 The Ever Ruler We might need his help smoothskins... his armor could come in handy with the Road Raiders about. 10:09 Loyalart12

  • walks out of earshot*

10:09 Ant2242 Then do what you need ... I don't like him 10:09 The Ever Ruler

  • ears prick again at the sound of Maxon, this time with more curiosity than familiarity*

10:09 Ant2242 Rowen you ok? 10:09 Ghoullover666

  • follows Loyal* Try and guess, Ant

10:10 Ant2242 <Sigh> 10:10 Journeyman Vickers "you look intrigued, zombie" 10:10 Loyalart12 Why were you guys so hostile to each other? 10:10 Ant2242

  • pulls oout picture looks then hides*

10:10 The Ever Ruler Quite tinskin... I've had my hand in quite a number of... sensitive matters. 10:11 Journeyman Vickers "So i've heard, don't think i don't recognize you, mister Med-Tek" 10:11 Ant2242 because she has history loyal 10:11 The Ever Ruler This Maxon... military com-chat would have it that he succeeded from the US. 10:11 Ghoullover666

  • grabs Loyal by the shoulders and stares into his eyes* I'm a canadian. He's an american soldier. we guys don't see eyes to eyes.

10:11 Loyalart12 I can see that 10:11 Journeyman Vickers "succeeded, so. . . he might be dead then?" 10:11 Ant2242 (Maxson) 10:11 The Ever Ruler So my illustrious reputation proceeds me eh? And I'm not so far butchered that my ghoulified face isn't recognizable... phenomenal. 10:12 Ghoullover666 His kind butchered my family and my fellow canadians (sorry for the ping OWR) 10:12 The Ever Ruler I wouldn't bet on it tinskin... I think he's still kicking. 10:12 Journeyman Vickers "I was supposed to be part of the detachment that protect Med-Tek in November"

  • protected

10:12 The Ever Ruler Yeah I remember that. 10:12 The Old World Relics (Lol I'm loving the story, is fine) 10:12 The Ever Ruler You have no idea how much shit that caused for me. 10:12 Loyalart12 Oh, I'm sorry for inquiring about it 10:12 Ant2242 Uh.. Roween theres some thing I need to tell you... 10:12 The Ever Ruler Always getting involved in matters that were none of your business. Who was that other guy you mentioned? Clark was it? I haven't heard of him but I'll keep and eye out for him... 10:13 Journeyman Vickers Randall Clark, outstanding man" "Last i knew he was with his family in Utah, Salt Lake City I think" 10:13 Ghoullover666

  • sighs, almost broken* It''ll be alright

10:13 Journeyman Vickers "we went hiking in Zion every now and then, when i had leave: 10:14 The Old World Relics (look at JV dropping names) 10:14 Loyalart12

  • hugs Roween to show how apologetic I feel*

10:14 The Ever Ruler If you do get West smoothskin... steer clear of Mariposa... that shit I said earlier about the FEV being purified was false just to keep these smoothskins oblivious... 10:14 Ant2242 ( Ikno wright) 10:14 Ghoullover666

  • hugs back tight, sobbing for a few seconds*

10:14 Journeyman Vickers "well, now that they're worried more about ms. canada over there, what all do you know about what's going on out west?" 10:14 Ant2242

  • heres conversation of the olders*

10:15 The Ever Ruler Keep it down too... not many people know about it and the fewer the better. FEV is scary shit. I know more than you might think tinskin. 10:15 Journeyman Vickers "you think i don't know that? I've seen the demonstrations" 10:15 Ant2242

  • Hugs Roewwn*

10:15 The Ever Ruler Let's just say ones such as yourself clad in armor aren't too friendly to ghouls. 10:16 Journeyman Vickers "Hmph, what name do they go by now, are they still the army?" 10:16 The Ever Ruler You have? Oh yeah that's right... Med-Tek national guard... 10:16 Ant2242 Roween Can we talk, in private.? 10:16 The Ever Ruler (You don't need to use quotations unless you're trying to emphasize another person's voice, like a raider.) 10:16 Ghoullover666

  • stands, silent*

10:16 Journeyman Vickers (gothca) 10:17 The Old World Relics (side note, anyone know "Nitpicker of the Wastes"? Sorry for butting in) 10:17 Ant2242 I... Well... I... 10:17 The Ever Ruler (A little yeah, he causing trouble back on Nukapedia?) 10:17 Ghoullover666

  • shivers, deep hatred still running in the veins*

Yes, Ant boy? 10:17 The Old World Relics (nah, friendly convo actually Ever) 10:18 Ant2242 well look... *Pulls military cloack to show armors markings*

  • Smiles giltaly*

I figured that I tell you. 10:19 Journeyman Vickers "Say, Zombie, if you ever run across Richard Bradley Vickers, shake his hand. He should have gotten medals for the shit he did in Bejing" 10:19 Ghoullover666

  • glares*

10:19 The Ever Ruler I'll try and remember... I'm not the guy to do that sort of thing but seeing as how the government abandoned us all I guess I can't be worse than them. 10:19 Ghoullover666

  • motherfuckin glares*
  • a glare that could make you melt*

10:19 The Ever Ruler LOL, watching Southpark... I can't explain, it's too funny. 10:20 Ant2242 Yea... My grandfather was American Military (oh shit its on_) 10:20 Ghoullover666

  • growling* Get out off my sight for now, there's a good lad.

10:20 The Ever Ruler Anyone else military? 10:20 Ant2242 And he tought my father ...and well you know the story 10:21 Journeyman Vickers "He's a good man, hospitable, he was in the Marine Corps. Staff Sergeant, lead the army mechanized infantry sqaud, along with his own men" 10:21 The Ever Ruler Because if not I'd like to remind you all and enlighten some... that I am or was the CEO of Med-Tek 10:21 Ant2242 ....But Roween... I... 10:21 The Ever Ruler Yuko... would you like to take something off of your chest? 10:21 Journeyman Vickers "Last i heard was was. . . i dunno, south of here. . ." 10:21 Ghoullover666

  • speaks loud enough for everyone to hear* Guys, next raider ambush, keep one alive for me.

I need to have some fun 10:22 Journeyman Vickers (I might have Vickers' ancestor make a cameo appearance here soon) 10:22 Ant2242 ....<sigh>... *single tear* 10:22 Ghoullover666

  • looks back at Ant* loo, i ain't in the mood right now.

10:22 The Ever Ruler I'm not gonna advocate sadism smoothskin! 10:23 Ant2242

  • went back to truck looks at picture again*

10:23 Ghoullover666

  • smiles a bit too wide for it to be natural* Ok. I won't hurt anyone then

10:23 The Ever Ruler

  • knudges Yuko* tell them sweetheart...
  • Yuko grabs Ever by the collar and whispers something virulent in his ear*

Nevermind, Yuko has a bad case of the "ask-me-questions-and-I'll-rip-your-syringe-off-itis" 10:26 Ant2242

  • honks horn* Come on. Lets move on.

10:26 Ghoullover666

  • still stands, silent, then goes back to truck*

10:26 The Ever Ruler We might... need another car. 10:26 Ghoullover666 Another car? 10:26 Ant2242 Why? 10:26 Ghoullover666

  • eyes the luxury one*

10:26 The Ever Ruler

  • points to the number of people*

10:26 Ghoullover666 Ok. I'll be back. 10:26 Ant2242 Stick him in the Bed. 10:27 The Ever Ruler Nevermind we can fit... 10:27 Ant2242 Wherre are you going? 10:27 Ghoullover666

  • gets into car attempts to get it running, fails*
  • gets back to truck and sits at the back*

10:28 The Ever Ruler Yuko move over... we got a lot of company this time. 10:28 Ant2242

  • Starts engine*

10:28 The Ever Ruler

  • Yuko grumbles very irritated as she gets up and sits opposite Ever*

10:28 Ant2242

  • continues to drive south*

10:29The Ever Ruler Oh come on Yuko... come sit next to your ol' pal Ever. 10:29Loyalart12*takes out harmonica and plays part of 'Dixie' with it* 10:30Ghoullover666*takes out switchblade and carve a symbol on the passenger's seat*( 10:31Ant2242*passes ruined/ and buned farmstaids* 10:31The Ever Ruler brb, watching Key & PeeleIt's especially funny because Obama won 10:32Ghoullover666(that is the symbol of french royalty) 10:32Ant2242(He did sweet)(the B---- damn on the tip of my toung)(also watching) 10:32Loyalart12(I gtg)('Night everyone) Loyalart12 has left the chat. 10:34Ant2242gess well pickup later thenxD 10:34 Ghoullover666 (night)


Inventory for this stroy


US Army combat armor
Recon berret
Pip-Boy 3000
3rd generation combat helmat
Duel sided cloak
military pack


Supressed N99 pistol
Assault carbine
Combat shotgun
Combat knife
Frag Granade
1 Flashbang
3 C4 & detonator
Urban plasma rifle
17 mines (in durrle bag)

Health items

1 Super Stimpack
3 Stimpack
4 Anti Venom
2 RadAway
23 Rad X
1 Mentats
2 Pure Water
0 cram


27 Bobby Pins
1 N99 in pack
Ronson lighter

New placeEdit

Ant2242VAraqueros to the north New Mexico to the south Dr. Moroo Zukov* to the east

  • 12:15Ant2242Zukov from the short story*
  • 12:16Ghoullover666^
  • 12:16Ghoullover666Agreed
  • 12:16Ghoullover666can we name the vaqueros the "Ghost Vaqueros"?
  • 12:17Ant2242I like it but lets make the varaqueros not united
  • 12:17Ant2242the general term for many groups
  • 12:17Ant2242Veraqueros
  • 12:17Ghoullover666...many small gangs like raiders?
  • 12:17Ant2242which the Ghosts
  • 12:18Ant2242more like the 80s
  • 12:18Ant2242the deaths worshipers?
  • 12:18Ghoullover666The Satanists
  • 12:19Ant2242cool
  • 12:21Ghoullover666good guys greg gang: the samaritains
  • 12:21Ghoullover666(wow so many G xD)
  • 12:21Ant2242"let the good samerian be aware"
  • 12:22Ant2242"that no good deed goes un punsshed" xD
  • 12:22Ghoullover666xD
  • 12:22Ant2242sumerian*
  • 12:22Ant2242???

Ending SlidesEdit

{The end came for the Enclave Outpost...

Not long after the Enclave abandoned the facility the self-destruct was activated by a less than knowledgeable scavenger looking to feed his family...

Though Cronos accomplished his short term goals he never truly found solace in what he was doing....

Nor did his Enclave group ever succeed in rebuilding America...

Ant traveled north back home...

Dornan was deeply saddened that Cronos refused to learn to listen, even after all these years...

The US territory eventually grew to encompass most of the Wisconsin and Minnesota wasteland by 2345....

And the Aware... Well.... that's a whole other story...

But war? War never changes.}