Bill palmer
Born 2259, Fort Hancock, New texan republic
Race Caucasian, Male
Affiliation Idependent, New Texan republic
Role Gunslinger
Location Southwestern US
Level 28
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 6ST, 5PE, 5EN, 5CH , 5IN, 8AL, 6LK
Skills sneak: 50
guns: 85
Barter: 40
Repair: 60
survival: 65
Lockpick: 44
Perks Cowboy, Quick draw , Rapid reload , Mysterious stranger.
Derived stats Hit Points: 210
Damage Threshold: 25

Bill Palmer is a mercenary and self proclaimed cowboy operating out of Texas.

Backround Edit

Born On a brahmin ranch Bill had a simple family and a adventurous take on life. His time was mostly spent either practicing his skills as a marksmen or reading about the Cowboys of the back when times. He idolized cowboys viewing them as heros he read about them whenever he could. When he was 17 a small group of raiders threatened to attack his hometown bill resolved he would take down the group he succeeds with the help of a mysterious stranger. After this Bill decidedto start travrling helping folks whenever he could and giving the "bad guys" what they Deserve

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