Was not always tribe,use to be caravan till a tribe attacked

— Chief Uttapamm
The black feather tribe was once a caravan pack till they were attack by a "Another tribe" and they formed together in Utah
Black feather tribe
 Government  structureTribal
 LeadershipChief Uttapamm
 Major locationsUtah wasteland

Background Edit

As told above the black feather tribe was once a caravan pack going through Utah to the New Canaanites for trade but this was before the courier put one foot through the untouched valley,on the way White legs attacked the caravan and with a bighorner,weapons and a few remaining guards and caraveeners with people who though they can join in for free ran to a location too far for the 3 tribes to know the presences,eventually the person who led and survived the attack died 15 years later of sickness,people then began to have sons and daughters while there's nothing to educate them except some few books they were gonna trade they learned the way of the Mormons and used it to the very day and pass through there's sons and daughters

Society/Organization Edit

After their deaths of their parents and grandparents and grand-grand parents their minds were erased from the outside world,eventually the camp or the habitat that they lived

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