A badass war hero. Early on in his life he had to make some tough choices. He was poor. His mom had to work at the diner, living off of tips. Meanwhile Brendan had to go to school getting kicked around all day. He earned a reputation as a lazy kid, unwilling to work for anything. In reality he was thinking about how he was going to live with such little money. He eventually learned to roll with the punches. He learned to throw some as well. Eventually he went to the military to earn some money. Then the bombs dropped. He survived by hiding in a tank. After a while he met up with a man with some connections to Caesar. Brendan was captured and tortured. He is now leading a crusade against Caesars legion. He eventually escaped and went into hiding. 5 years later he seen his best friend enslaved by Caesar. That was when he decided to continue his vendetta against Caesars legion.

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