"Welcome to Camp Malayo and if you don't understand what malayo means that's good"
—A Peacekeeper in a propaganda video attempt Camp Malayo is the camp where most experiments held by the politics hold in-case of a freak accident and goes on a rampage

Background Edit

Camp Malayo was the one of the 1st testing sites when the Politics were still a growing faction,before 1st finding the city's location they were held all up either in New Vegas or the nut for Military purposes,The 1st experiment was a FEV-Peacekeeper mutant where 29 peacekeepers died to put down 1 Peacekeeper mutant with 16905 ammo they stopped immidiatley when they got the word(in which when the experiment was going wrong)they had to find where to do experiments nexts

Layout Edit

The camp only has 2 campfires some cut logs of trees that were preserved but decayed over the years,and some Peacekeepers awaiting for orders,Supermutants tend to come here but since in a peace treaty between the politics and some of the Supremutant armies and leaders they just wait,sit down and eat something

Behind the scenes Edit

Due to the name of the camp Malayo means in Tagalog is far away,This is actually a pretty good name but the camp was not named before the city was built

Camp Malayo
One of the farthest place you'll see home
Region {{{region}}}
Factions The politics
Leaders {{{leader}}}
Notable inhabitants Peacekeepers Supermutants

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