Camp Richardson
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Appalachian Wasteland


The Enclave

 Camp Richardson Is an Enclave outpost in the Appalachian mountains near Thurmite, Maryland. It was built out of the remains of what was originally Camp David under the codename "Shangri La". It's new purpose was intended to be a transcontinental communications network to interact with other Enclave splinters around the wasteland. The path up to Camp Richardson is heavily fortified by Enclave Conscripts and Resurgent Personnel. Camp Richarson is also the main base of operations for the Enclave Recon Commando Force (ERCOMF). From here they launch operations into Thurmite, Rocket Ridge, Emmitsburg, and Frederick.

Camp Richardson was founded after The Enclave retreated from Washington DC. Enclave Recon Commando Force was sent westward into Frederick County to find government bunkers from which to begin operations from. While the Appalachian Wasteland was considered hostile and unforgiving, The Enclave was far more technologically superior to any opposing force in the area. When they arrived at Camp David, they were recognized by the AI as United States Armed Forces, and subsequently allowed access to the entire premise.