Commander Marcus Jackson
Born April 14,2066
Race Human
Affiliation NCR
Role Ranger


Location Camp Forlorn Hope
Level Level 45
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 8 ST

6 PE

6 EN

4 CH

6 IN

5 AG

5 LK

Skills Guns100,Sneak80,Survival80.
Perks Friend of the Night


Rapid Reload

Bloody Mess

Hand Loader

The Professional


Quick Draw

Derived stats HP:220


Apparel NCR Ranger Armor
Weapons Ranger Sequoia


Miscellaneous Stimpack (x10)

Purified Water (x2) 1,000 NCR dollars

On death All of the above


Commander Jackson is very strongly built NCR Rabger. He stands 6'2". He has green eyes and dark brown hair. The commander has a scar that slashes across his eye which he claims to have gotten when he had beaten a Deathclaw with his bare hands.


Commder Jackson is a rough person and very straight to the point. He never wastes time in explaining a plan through some long-winded speech. Even in battle,he never makes a complicated plan.



The commander wears standard NCR ranger armor with two rifle holsters by the middle of the cape like area.  He says that the tint is dried Radscorpion blood after he ripped off the mutation's tail. The rest of the outfit is the same as the rest of any NCR ranger.


AMR,Ranger Sequoia


Being a sniper,Commander Jackson is a master of stealt,which allowed to earn the nickname of "The NCR's Phatom."  Though he mainly uses his sniper and hunting rifles,the commander is very effecient in all types of guns,be it shotguns,pistols,machine guns,ot even gatling guns. After all,years of fighting Ceasar's Legion has taught him to use any gun available to you. Being left in Legion territory has hardenned his skills of survival.


After years of serving in the NCR,Commander  Marcus Jackson had helped with some of the most important battles between the NCR and Ceasar's Legion. The most prominant of these battles was the battle of the Hoover Dam. Soon he was moved to Camp Forlorn Hope as the commanding officer of the continously attacked NCR camp. He led defense after defense to counter the Legion's many attempts to attack the camp.  However after failing so save an important NCR democrat,he was demoted back into the infantry,however he was still the most respected soldier in the ranks of the NCR.

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