"When nations start to assassinate each-other's leaders, and sometimes when one of them fails, the fucking accusations start to fly like 'Don't Stand So Close To Me', and the god damn troops start deploying. It takes me a shit-ton of willpower not to desert because of my nation's ass boggling." - Anonymous NCR Trooper, Third Infantry Division, Fourth Regiment, Seventh Squad / 3D-4R-7S

The DEF Incident was a political event between the New California Republic and Ohio, involving the NCR attempting to assassinate the governor of Ohio, Nathaniel Bentier, and Ohio's response by assassinating the then-president of the NCR, Danny Kragen. The NCR responded to the assassination by declaring war on Ohio. Caesar's Legion declared war on Ohio, to make sure they did not oppose the Legion later. The DEF Incident led indirectly to the Arizona Offensive (New California Republic - Caesar's Legion - Ohio War). Ohio reacted to the NCR and the Legion by deploying Ohio Enclave Division troops.

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