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"Where'd I get my name? Eh, some old Pre-War book. Some guy with a neat hat. Like this one! See?"
—Davy, to a stranger

Backstory Edit

Born in Alamo, the capital of the New Texan Republic, Davy Crackit was born to a mother and father in a clinic based out of a ruined Pre-War historical site, The Alamo, from which the city took its name. Pre-War documents mentioned that the city was once called San Antonio, but due to a Vault being constructed right under the historical site the city was named Alamo.

Davy's parents named him after the legendary hero Davy Crockett, whose bravery at the Alamo was detailed in Pre-War books found both in the Vault and in the archives of the city's library. His father was the owner of the only saloon in Alamo, and his mother was the hostess. Together they basically ran the town's social life.

Davy Crackit
Born August 17, 2236, Alamo, New Texan Republic
Race Human
Affiliation New Texan Republic (Intermittent)

Raiders (Captive) Drifter (Current)

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