Government  structureElder Council
 LeadershipHigh Elder Saunders
 Notable membersJason Churchill (formerly)
 CapitalEmpire State Building, Empire Wasteland
 Major locationsEmpire State Ruins

New York Public Library Ruins


Delta was formed when a squad of ex - marines (who were turning into ghouls) found the Empire state building still standing in 2079. Over the next twenty years more and more people kept on seeking shelter, both ghouls and humans. It wasn't until 2132 when they discovered a hidden cache of gear on a wreacked ship that Delta decided to become a major power in the Empire Wasteland.

The Elder Council Edit

The Elder Council has always had one High Elder and two Elders. The current High Elder is Elder John Saunders, one of the ghouls who originally found the place. The other members of the Council consist of highly respected hunters or Commanders in the field.

Initiation Edit

Initiation into Delta can be very brutal : ranging from murdering your parents to winning a melee with a Deathclaw.

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