Born Unknown
Race Super Mutant
Human (formerly)
Affiliation Dead Eye (2284-2285)
Himself (2285-Current)
Role Skirmisher (formerly)
Location The Commonwealth
Level 40
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 6ST, 5PE, 7EN, 4CH, 9IN, 4AG, 5LK
Skills ----
Perks ----
Derived stats Hit points: 380
Damage Threshold: 45
Apparel Light armor
Leg armor
Wrist wraps
Aviator cap
Weapons Combat Shotgun
Super Sledge
Miscellaneous ----
On death


Dex is a super mutant living with his mutant hound Gutsy in the northern forests of the Commonwealth.

Under Dead Eyes CommandEdit

Dex was considered weak by his mutant brethren at the Fraternal post mainly due to his lack of muscle and his preference to stay at the base instead of going out on raids. Eventually Dex was outcast by Dead Eye and he headed into the Northern forests.

Meeting GutsyEdit

Dex wandered for a while but eventually settled down and built a shack, one day he came across an injured stray mutant hound he took the hound in nursed it back to health, trained it and named it Gutsy.

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