• Enclave exploers of Kentucky are Unique to the new Kentucky base they go out into the Kentucky wasteland and look out to see the tribes and if there are any signs of the Brotherhood of Steel if there are they call reinforcements instantly call for vertibirds to come in and wipe out the Enclave the explorers usually travel in groups so if you see one theres a heavy chance theres more nearby they will usally communicate for backup

More info coming soon WIP

Enclave Explorers of kentucky
Born Kentucky
Race Pure strait human
Affiliation New Kentucky Enclave
Role {{{role}}}
Location New Kentucky
Level {{{level}}}
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. {{{SPECIAL}}}
Skills {{{skills}}}
Perks {{{perks}}}
Derived stats {{{derived}}}
Apparel Enclave power armor mark II
Weapons Plasma rifle and plasma pistol
Miscellaneous {{{misc}}}
On death Enclave Power armor mark II

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