An Enclave Specialist setting up composite barricades and stationary pulse fields at an Enclave Vertibird refueling station.

Enclave Specialists, sometimes referred to as Enclave Grease Monkeys are a support role unit re-activated shortly after the fatigued remainder of the Enclave retreated to Falls Edge. They are equipped with refurbished Enclave T-51B power armor, which includes a modified mesh, allowing them slightly greater mobility while on the field to carry out their unique duties more efficiently. Unlike all other Enclave military units, the Specialists are completely unarmed.


Enclave Specialists are specialized support units that assist primary Enclave personnel while attempting to stay out of the direct line of fire. They wear a modified version of T-51B power armor rather than advanced versions of power armor like combat-centered Enclave troopers, using a composited mesh-alloy that grants them increased flexibility at the cost of less protection from energy weapons and explosives. Under cover and (mostly) out of sight, the Specialists focus on setting up and maintaining stationary defensive turrets alongside composite barricades, repairing mechanical automaton units, armored allies, and setting up newly commisioned portable pulse fields. When confronted, they may return fire with a nearby dropped weapon but only for as long as it takes them to find cover again and let front-line combat personnel take over.

If and when the Specialist is taken out by enemy combatants, it is speculated by some Enclave Officers that the defensive status of wherever he/she was stationed is likely doomed shortly after because of the vital tactical importance invested in this variant of unit on the frontline.


An Enclave Specialist.

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