FANS / OH Wyoming Radio


Commander Jackie


Military activities, Interviews, Music, Propaganda

Broadcast range:

Southeastern Wyoming

The Fallen Angels News Station or Outer Heaven Wyoming Radio is the military owned radio of Outer Heaven and was founded shortly after Outer Heaven in 20th of July. The station offers non-classified military activities, pro-militarist propaganda and interviews with regular soldiers for an insight of their daily lives, all accompanied with music.

DJ (WIP) Edit

"Heeeeellooo beautiful people!"
—Jackie's opening to all broadcasts

The DJ Commander Jackie isn't actually a commander. It's just his nickname. Like most in Outer Heaven, he's an immigrant. 

He lived most of his life in the Legion as a slave. Because he didn't meet the Legion's requirements for being a soldier, he was forced to work the farms and the working conditions weren't particularely good either. One day he took a leap of faith and decided to escape and after 3 weeks wandering the wastes, struggling to survive, he eventually simply collapsed somewhere in the Wyoming Wasteland. Fortunately, a squad of Fallen Angels doing contract work found him and took him back home to Fort Heaven where he was treated.

Young Jack auditioned for a job as the DJ/Host of FANS and due to his sense of humor, his sympathetic nature and confidence, he was given the job. Commander Jackie is a loyalist to the bottom as to him Outer Heaven was the first truly free nation he even encountered and the first place where he managed to live a normal life.

Playlist Edit

Donna Burke

Louis Armstrong

Kay Kyser

Chris LeDoux


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