This radio log from Falcon Squadron was recorded on February 3rd, 2310, from the combat engagement at 2:27 AM, when Falcon Squadron flew over Chicago, Illinois. They were shot at with laser machine guns and laser rifles, giving rise to speculation that there is, indeed, a Brotherhood of Steel base in Chicago. The transcript was made available to military intelligence.

Transcript Edit

FALCON TWO- "We've got some bogies at 4 o'clock. I don't know if they're friendly."

FALCON THREE- "I see them too. I don't think they're friendly. They have power armor, but I think it's T-51b."

FALCON ONE- "We have intelligence that they are possibly Brotherhood. Did you say T-51c power armor?"

FALCON THREE- "They have T-51b, I repeat, they have T-51c power armor."

FALCON ONE- "Circle back around and run the length of the area they are in and slow down. I want a positive ID on them. Falcon Four, status?"

FALCON FOUR- "We're trailing right behind you. Falcon Five is to our side. Ammo is good. Minigun is loaded."

FALCON ONE- "Let's all circle back around and make contact. All aircraft should have their weaponry ready, do not use mini nukes or missiles unless they have them. We don't need unnecessary collateral damage."

FALCON TWO- "Falcon Two is circling back around."

FALCON THREE- "Falcon Three is following."

FALCON ONE- "Falcon One copies all. Falcon Four and Falcon Five, group up with Falcon One and circle back the opposite way as Falcon Three and Falcon Two. Do you copy?"

FALCON FOUR- "Falcon One, this is Falcon Four, we copy."

FALCON FIVE- "Falcon One, this is Falcon Five, solid copy."

FALCON TWO- "Falcon One, be advised, group is hostile, I repeat, the unidentified group is hostile. We are receiving heavy laser fire. We're opening up with the M600s.

FALCON ONE- "Falcon Two, Falcon One has solid copy. We're flying over and firing on them with the .50 cal, circle back around to make another gun run."

FALCON FOUR- "Guns, guns, guns. They're dropping like a stock."

FALCON FIVE- "We are mopping them up. We have the minigun, and there are............ No more of them left."

FALCON ONE- "Alright, all squadron members, circle around and land at the site. Inspect the bodies. Break."

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