Vault 108Edit

Vault 108 was one of the only vaults with an actual cloning lab. And the little inocent civillians in Vault 108 were the butt of one of Vault-Tecs little jokes. The overseerer was termanally ill, and eventually died while everyone was sealed in the vault, but it was probably because Vault-Tec wanted to see what the innocents would do in loss of leadership. And the top ranks of the vault gathered everybody in one place, to choose who would be cloned so the population of the vault would survive. And they randomly selected a civilian whos name was.... Gary. Systems say they cloned the guy at least 54 times. But every time a Gary clone ran into a non-gary, they would become hostile. And one day the Garys took over the vault and killed everyone that wasn't a Gary. The vault is still out there, filled with a pack of interchangeable lunatics, calling out that one word that drives a man insane, "Gary"
Vault 108

Vault 108

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