Hope "Hot Stuff" Quinn
Born 2256
Race Human
Affiliation Vault 43 (Formerly)
Role Vault Dweller
Location Mojave Wasteland
Level 22
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. S:3 P:2 E:4 C:8 I:5 A:9 L:2
Skills N/A
Perks Child At Heart, Intimidation, Animal Friend
Derived stats HP 90 DT 14

History Edit

Hope grew up in Vault 43, but when she watched Michael Caboose get exiled, she decided to follow him, sneaking out when everyone was asleep, when she found him they fell in love and got married, they now wander the wastes together.

Personality Edit

Hope has always been rebellious, and will welcome any stranger she meets by kicking them to the ground and threatening them with her Plasma Thrower Rifle.

Relationships Edit

Michael Caboose- Husband

Apparel Reinforced-Bullet proof Vault Suit with a Leather Jacket
Weapons Plasma Thrower Rifle, Super Sledge, and a Trail Carbine.
Miscellaneous Pip-Boy 3000, Sunglasses, Lighter, Cigarettes
On death N/A

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