"Who is the little cocksucker that said that?! You will fucking confess to what you said, OR I WILL PT YOU ALL UNTIL YOU FUCKING DIE! BE A MAN AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, whoever the slimy son of a bitch is that opened his diseased lips!" - Instructor Sergeant Liebenstein, screaming at a class of cadets when one of them spoke at an inappropriate time. His class of cadets has been the hardest-working, most well-disciplined one on the statewide roster since.

Instructor Sergeant Bruno Liebenstein is an instructor serving with the Ohio Enclave Division, stationed at the Circleville Military Base. He has served as an instructor sergeant since 2290. He is 52 years-old, being born on February 14th, 2258. Bruno's former role as a soldier was as a rifleman, serving at the base in Jefferson, Ohio, for four years. He has a distinguished service medal, owing to the fact that he single-handedly saved his incapacitated squad from fifty raiders, which happened in 2289, his last year as a rifleman. He was reassigned to his current post the year after. He strikes absolute fear into the hearts of his cadets. He then uses that sense of fear to instill discipline, strength, and intelligence into any cadet that dares to enlist and end up on his class. He has a strict set of rules;

  • All power is to only be worn on compulsory dates, and is to be in full working order at all times, and shined as well as washed and dried on ceremonial power armor drilling.
  • All troops are to only speak when spoken to. If someone does not confess to speaking at inappropriate times, the entire class will be engaged in PT for three times the standard exercise.
  • Rifles are only kept in the armory. They will be cleaned after all rifle exercises, as well as cleaned and test-fired on Sundays.
  • Full Battle Uniforms, minus the armor and extra layers, will be worn during all exercises, consisting of the tan T-shirt, and black combat pants.
  • Full Battle Uniforms, including the extra layers, such as the combat jacket, but without the armor (unless directed to by Liebenstein for PR events) shall be excluded.
  • All parts of the Full Battle Uniform shall be worn during combat drilling. (Service-wide Standard)
  • No cadet shall leave the barracks between 9PM to 6AM. (Service-wide Standard)
  • Liebenstein requires all cadets to study battlefield tactics from the Era of Rome to the Arizona Offensive (New California Republic - Caesar's Legion - Ohio War).
  • Liebenstein leaves a challenge to all cadets on their respective birthdays; they may have an extra ribeye steak free of charge if they can traverse 30 miles in one hour.

These standards are either equal to, or higher than the Service-wide Standards (SS). Liebenstein has German ancestry, so he uses the full term rather than the acronym.

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