Born 2076
Race Eyebot
Affiliation NCR
Role Eyebot Spy
Location free side
Level 30
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 5ST, 10PE, 6EN, 1CH, 5IN, 10AL, 4LK
Skills Energy Weapons: 100
Repair: 100
Lockpick: 100
Perks Enhanced Sensors,Laser Commander,Solar Powered,Infiltrator.
Derived stats Hit Points: 145
Damage Threshold: 5
Apparel none
Weapons none
Miscellaneous microfusion cell (x6000000000)
On death all of the above


J.O.E.Y mostly just flots about "singing" until he see some one that he is programed to spy on then he will follow them playing soungs to fit there mood. his cover is that he is a robot programed to play the Radio New Vegas radio station


J.O.E.Y is a custom eyebot for the most part he looks just like any other eyebot apart from it's blue paint job and the letters J.O.E.Y on his right side and a hand full of pot marks, weld spots, and a replacement voice.


J.O.E.Y's past is mostly a lot of floating around playing old world songs until he was found by the NCR and reprogrammed as a spy it's singing and floating are just a mask for it's spying on the people of free side.

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