RaceFemale Synth Courser
 RoleRogue Courser
 Current  locationThe Commonwealth
 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S:2 P:8 E:2 C:2 I:9 A:3 L:4
 PerksScience, Gunslinger
 ApparelCourser Uniform
 WeaponsInstitute Pistol
 Other  itemsJune's Personal Holotape

Personality Edit

June is persistent in nature. She usually surveys the situation before going in and achieving her goals. She hates it when people question her history and doesn't open up to many people.

History Edit

JU-9 (or June as she now calls herself) was created in 2278 in the Institute. She was trained in combat for 3 years before she was recruited by the SRB. She then spent the next 6 years hunting down rogue synths until 2287 when the Institute was destroyed by the Sole Survivor. She then wandered around, aimlessly for 3 years before deciding what to do with herself.

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