Jack davis
Born 2257, the hub Ncr
Race Caucasian, Male
Affiliation Idependent, the strip
Role Mercenary
Location Mojave Wasteland
Level 30
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 4ST, 5PE, 7EN, 5CH , 3IN, 8AL, 9LK
Skills Sneak: 70
guns: 85
Barter: 40
Repair: 40
survival: 65
Lockpick: 445
Perks four eyes , sniper , logans loophole , Built to destroy.
Derived stats Hit Points: 240
Damage Threshold: 25

"Ah new vegas filled with crime, vice, gambling, and Chems whats not to love? Well except for the crime, vice, and gambling."
-Jack remarking about new vegas.

Jack Davis is a mercenary operating out of the Mojave Wasteland. He's A very witty and sarcastic person likely stemming from his lucky nature. Although at times he's some what immature he's when it comes to a job hes incredibly focused and determined to do his job this coupled with the fact that he's one of the few mercs with ncr first recon training helping his already skillful ability with a rifle and you've got one of most efficent mercs on The strip

Backstory Jack was born in 2257 to a prominent family of traders in the hub. As he grew he started showing skill with a rifle this alongside being raised in a extremely patriotic family inspired him to pursue a career in the military. He excelled at basic training and due to his markmanship started special training to join the prestigous First recon spec ops unit of the ncr military. During the final qualification test jack was able to get his hands on some performance enhanceing mentats which he used for studying and selling to his classmates.

Unfortunatly one of said classmates who bought the chems told the instructors that jack was using them to gain an extra advantage during exams what followed to jack was an extremely biased and one sided trial. This combined with both his horror and disgust at the bittersprings massacre and his anger st the ncrs inabilty and refusal to help put to justice the gang of raiders that had attacked his family's caravan When he was in basic training. With all these in mind davis left the Ncr and decided to hesd east to a what he heard as a city in the mojave wastes that was untouched by the war. In new vegas he quickly made a name for himself as a mercenary wotking for any one with enough caps no matter what yhe job, assassinations, recon, and jos specialty infiltrations and sniping.


Jack prefers to travel lightly only bringing whats needed pn a mission he usally carries a A suppressed sniper rifle a 5.56 pistol for close encounters he also uses chems when the mission calls for it.including cateye mentats and jet (although the jets is mostly used recreationaly)

PERSONALITY although most of the time sarcastic and witty jack is very resentful viewing the ncr as a" Froup of burecrats and bigots focused only on self advancement" and the legion as "A bunch of zealous tribals fighting gor a false god". While not overtly cruel jack is selfishand narcissistic viewing his self benefit as always the priority

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