"I'll be damned if some egotistic policeman is going to tell me what to do!" -Commander Howling, to a peacekeeper in St. Louis
Commander Howling is a 29 year old veteran of The Enclave and field commander of their forces in the Midwest.

Early Life Edit

Jacob Howling was born to two Enclave Civilians in Chicago. As a boy, he saw the carnage and mayhem in Chivago firsthand, and vowed to one day restore order. He was sent to Falls Edge to begin military training, and finished at the age of 28 at the rank of Seargent. He was relocated upon recommendation to Chicago.

Jacob Howling
 BornJune 14, 2267
 DiedOctober 23, 2354
 RacePure Strain human, African American
 AffiliationThe Enclave
 RoleField commander, Midwest region
 Current  locationJefferson City
 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.7 ST, 5 PE, 8 EN, 4 CH, 5 IN, 6 AG, 5 LK
 SkillsEnergy Weapons, Big Guns, Melee Weapons
 ApparelEnclave Advanced Power Armor Mark 2
 WeaponsPlasma Rifle (St. Louis campaign), Plasma Carbine (The Purge), Plasma Grenades, Plasma Pistol
 Aid items50x Stimpacks, 10x Buffout, 20x Rad-X, 30x RadAway
 Other  items400x Microfusion Cells

20x Drained MF cells 500x Small Energy Cells 10x Drained SEC

The Supremacy War Edit

After being relocated, he was eager to prove his worth. His aggressiveness in and around Chicago and Illinois impressed many of his superiors, particularly General Arthur Davidson, who promoted the promising soldier to Commander and made him the head of all field operations in the Midwest.


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