"I get a bounty, then I kill shit. As simple as that."
—Jason, explaining his life.
Jason Churchill
 BornMarch 29th, 2257

New York

 RaceCaucasian Male
 AffiliationDelta (former)


 RoleWandering Mercenary
 Current  locationThe Commonwealth
 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S:3 P:7 E:4 C:5 I:6 A:3 L:2

Gun Nut

 ApparelSturdy Combat Armor with Military Fatigues underneath
  • Combat Knife


  • Combat Rifle
  • .44 Revolver
 Aid itemsStimpak, Rad-Away
 Other  itemsDuct Tape

Personality Edit

Jason is incredibly easy to anger, and usually leaves arguments as the last one left alive. He cares a lot about his contracts, and will do whatever he can to fulfill them.

Equipment Edit

Armor Edit

Jason wears Military Fatigues underneath a set of Sturdy Combat armor with a Combat Helmet with a working headlamp that he jury - rigged to work.

Weapons Edit

Jason uses a Powerful Combat rifle as his primary weapon and sometimes uses his Bull-Barreled .44 Revolver.

In close-quarters he will viciously use his combat knife to tear his enemies apart.

He is also known to use Duct Tape in order to temporarily repair his gear if damaged until he gets back to base camp to do a proper repair.

History Edit

Jason was born in the remains of New York City into a tribe called Delta. His father was killed by a deathclaw shortly after he was born.

In order to join Delta, he was forced to strangle his mother to death at the age of 8. He was one of the groups top hunters before he was banished due to an incident in 2285. He since taken to wandering the wasteland, looking for new bounties to undertake.

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