Jayce Gunfighter

Jayce on his tamed mutant, fire breathing horse; Firebird.

 AffiliationEnclave, Brotherhood of Steel, New California Republic, The Kingdom of Righteous Ass-Kickers
 Rolemercenary, adventurer, general badass
 Current  locationCapital Wasteland, Mojave Wasteland, Some areas of Space

10 10 10 10 10 10

 PerksPlasma Spaz

Power Armor Training

 ApparelT-51b Power Armor/

Enclave Power Armor hybrid

 WeaponsPlasma Rifle
 Aid itemsStimpaks, a Shit ton of Jet
Jayce is the perfect picture of a tough, masculine frontiersmen. Clad in a suit of T-51b Power Armor and armed with an array high powered energy weapons he has proven himself time and time again at being excellent at kicking ass and taking names, even when the gum gets into his helmet respirator. 



Early Years

Jayce was born on the Enclave Oil Rig in 2143 to Mary and Reason Morton although rumors persist that he wasn't exactly born but more or less punched and kicked his way out of the womb. From a young age he was trained to be a member of the elite Enclave Secret Service

He later beat the Chosen One in an arm wrestling competition, thus saving the Oil Rig from destruction. However, when Agent CRONOS took command of the Secret Service, Jayce decided not to put up with the old bird's shit and promptly defected to the Brotherhood of Steel, taking at least three dozen Enclave troopers down in the process.

Switch to the Brotherhood

During the battle of the Jefferson Memorial Jayce supposedly punched Colonel Autumn so hard in the throat that his head came clean off. 

He later met up with the Lone Wanderer and after having several hours of passionate sex, she taught him how to hotwire Liberty Prime, which he promptly had throw him into space where he reaimed Bradely-Hercules at Adams AFB and the Citadel, destroying both locations because both the Brotherhood and Enclave were twats who wouldn't share their awesome power armor.

Switch Back

The brotherhood wasn't that cool and after being dropped off in the Mojave by Mothership Zeta, Jayce decided it was time to join back up with the Enclave cowards traitors Remnants, because they seemed pretty hip. When he wasn't enjoying an awesome trip on Jet or kicking Brotherhood/Legion/Fiend ass Jayce spent his time *gasp* helping the NCR! Naturally this caused his karma to drop to an all new low of Super Evil for having supported such an obviously evil faction.

He also resurrected Sergeant Dornan and with the help of Ulysses they rebuilt Navarro, kicking the NCR out in the process.

When Jayce Killed President Kimball and Had to Put Down Zombie Arch Dornan


Jayce is a master of all types of weapons, being proficent in using Plasma and Laser based weapons from very early childhood, and was taught by masters of other types. He usually travels light, carrying only his suit of power armor that he reinforced, his Plasma rifle which he modified to be stronger than a Plasma Caster,  several dozen vials of Jet and a bag of stimpaks. In addition he has more weapons and armor hidden all over the wastes, which he can get too if he needs something bigger.




"Once heard he killed a Deathclaw by beating it to death with Craig Boone"
George Taylor on Jayce.
"Pretty much the coolest guy I've ever met."
—John Henry Eden on Jayce Gunfighter.

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