File:. 4 mod desert ranger armour.jpgjpg


Born ~ Johnathan Lloyd

Date ~ 2076

Location ~ N/A

Race ~ Male, Caucasian

Affiliation ~ Brotherhood of Steel


Role ~ Tech Hunter


Apparel Light and strong

~ Black Riot Armor

~ Black Riot Gas Mask

~ Black Trench Coat

~ Black Riot Jeans

~ Black Combat Boots

~ Black Tier 5 Combat Ruck

~ Black Leather Satchel

Weapons Heavily modified

~ Remington ACR modified

~ Dual M1911s MkIII

~ M9 Inox

~ Concealed HK P7

~ 44 Magnum

~ Combat Machete

~ Combat Knife

~ Switchblade

Miscellaneous Along with holsters and clips

~ 5.56mm (120)

~ 45 acp (72)

~ 9mm (76)

~ 44 magnum (18)

~ Camping gear

~ Map of several regions

~ Journal


"No one knew where he came from, when he joined, or how he got into the Brotherhood. He was just by my fathers side one day, my father telling me he's our newest Tech Hunter. I greeted him and noticed the two headed bear stitched on the side of his trench coat. He tells me he came from the west from the Brotherhood in the West. I didn't trust him during the first few missions in D.C. Doesn't talk much but gets the job done. But then he got reassigned. Last I heard he's out on his own on a highly classified errand"

From the journal entry of Paladin Vargas ~ 2269

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