The komodo dragons or simply komodos or dragons, are giant mutated reptiles commonly encountered in regions surrounding or belonging to the Great Midwestern Commonwealth.


As the komodo dragons are originally from the island of Komodo, Indonesia, and were not naturally found in the United States before the Great War, they likely originated from a zoological garden. Dried and cured komodo hides are used in the creation of leather armor.

The komodos were among some of the creatures that were controlled by the Beastlords in the 2190's. Since then however their population has increased dramatically throughout the entire Great Midwestern Commonwealth, especially within Chicago and surrounding areas.

Reaching near-infestation levels in certain locales, one settlement was forced to evacuate entirely as several packs of komodos aggressively invaded it and setup nesting hives. Some have been domesticated by the Mutant Liberation Army, and taken as pets or sometimes even as guard dogs.

FOT Komodo target

Mutated biology & Komodo poisonEdit

Komodo dragons are large lizards originating from Indonesia. They can grow up three metres long, and weigh around 40 to 50 kilograms. They are carnivorous, and their serrated teeth can easily rip the flesh off of an animal or a person, causing a serious wound to the victim.

Komodos also have a natural resistance to poison and through mutation, are largely immune to the effects of radiation. Also through mutation brought about by the events of the Great War and after, several variants of komodos exist all throughout the known Wastelands, such as the giant komodo dragon, the albino komodo dragon, and the teeth-tipped komodo dragon.

Komodo dragon render

Even without their Wasteland mutation(s), their hides are thick and not easily penetrated. They also carry a deadly toxic poison in their razorous sharp teeth that will handicap and eventually paralyze entirely any and all (human, critter, or otherwise...) victims' bodily immune system defense against it.

This deadly effect allows the poison to linger just long enough as the result of absolutely nothing combating it to cause a relatively quick... but very sufferable and painful death as the victim's body totally collapses from any intervention from the immune system the poison has effectively rendered powerless...

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