Lynnette Wright
Born March 5th, 2258
Race Human
Affiliation The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Role Scout
Location Capital Wasteland
Level 25
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 4ST, 7PE, 4EN, 6CH, 10IN, 4AL, 5LK
Skills Speech 100, Barter 60, Guns 30 Reading 1000

Not really too good in anything else...

Perks Four Eyes; Good Natured
Derived stats {{{derived}}}

Lynnette Wright was born in the Philly Vault, which was during her lifetime a safe area during the reconstruction of Philadelphia. She grew up with her best friend Alexis Clark, who then became her girlfriend when they were in high school. When Lynn was 8 years old, she and the other residents moved into the glorious capital city. 

Lynnette doesn't enjoy talking much about herself in general; she keeps quiet about most of her past memories.

Growing up in the big city was pretty easy for her; there was an abundance of food and water, an intricate plumbing and sewer system, trolleys and trains to transport people, and so much more. She loved it! Lynnette would always take Alexis to the park, a restaurant of some sort, museums, et cetera.

She is insanely frightened of the Enclave; when she was ten, a colonel named Gregory Winters wanted to take Philly back from the Commonwealth. She and her mother became hostages alongside other streetgoers; it failed miserably. Alexis tries to comfort her when Lynn is having nightmares, which almost always succeeds.

When Alexis signed up for the Scouting Legion, Lynnette was devastated. So, not wanting to let her love die alone, she went right to City Hall and signed up as well.

As her and her comrades rode horses through Old Olney, the worst happened: Deathclaws.

Not knowing what the hell those things were, panic arose. Many died.

Lynnette, Alexis, and a few others survived the Deathclaw ambush. Their commander wanted the mission to go on. Without horses and wagons, they dragged their feet really nowhere in particular.

Now it's just Lynnette and Alexis left. Their commander and one friend are stuck in Bigtown; horrible bullet wounds and a painful sickness.

With patriotism and motivation, Lynn and her girlfriend map out the Capital Wasteland for the glory of PA.

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