M.A.P.S. Concept

M.A.P.S., or more officially, Project M.A.P.S. was a project undertaken by Henderson's Enclave with resources from a steel mill as well as tech traded and found in the wastes, Project M.A.P.S  goal is to develop something that would surpass Power Armour. The origins of this project came into thought 2 years after the Brotherhood of steel used Liberty Prime to attack the Enclave they wanted something similar to Liberty Prime but they had to cut down resources so they will be able to produce more than one. Every M.A.P.S. will be manned by a single Enclave personnel. It was developed at Phoenix Military Base in Utah.

In official Enclave records, it stands for Mechanical Armored Personnel Suit. Starting in 2280 It had finished it's prototype stage and was prepared for deployment by 2290. It's purpose is to help defend the Enclaves presence in Utah if Caesar's Legion or NCR attack the Enclave and to help the Enclave expand it's control in Utah and other Wastelands.

M.A.P.S. is heavily armored with steel plating, Armed with a Tesla Cannon as it's primary weapon a 5mm Minigun and a mounted self loading Missile Launcher as it's secondary, The weapons can be swapped out to fit in many other weapons such as Gatling Lasers, Grenade Machineguns, Flamethrowers, And even a Fat Man tactical nuclear catapult.

On January 18th 2290 Project M.A.P.S. was completed and was tested on a raiders camp the test was very successful


These are the notable Enclave personnel who were in the team charged with developing M.A.P.S.
Research Director Johnathan Smith: Charged with leading the project
Sgt Lachlan Hoffmann: Designing building programming and weapons systems. Note: Sgt Hoffmann is the only expert on robotics in Phoenix so we are putting him in your team.