name = Thomas janssen

|race        = super mutant, Nightkin
|Born    = 2119
|affiliation = Idependent, Escaped from nightkin
|level       = 25
|SPECIAL     = 12ST, 3PE, 7EN, 4CH , 4IN, 2AL, 3LK
|skills      = Energy Weapons: 4
explosives: 5
Guns: 7
melee: 45
unarmed: 27
|perks = Lead belly , strong back , Super slam! , stone wall.

Name: Thomas Janssen


Race:Super Mutant (nightkin)

Affiliaton: None (escaped from the knightkin)

Location: Mojave Wasteland

Level: 25

S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Strength: 12 Perception: 3 Endurance:7 Intelligence: 4 Agility:2 Luck: 3

Skills: Energy Weapons : 4 Explosives: 5 Guns: 7 Melee Weapons: 45 Unarmed: 27

Perks: Lead Belly, Strong Back, Super Slam! Stone Wall

EDIT: I did this all fucking completely wrong. Here's a little backstory for him.

BACKSTORY: Thomas Janssen was a former Nightkin. His skin was turned a pale blue from the overuse of his Stealth Boys. He eventually ran away from the Nightkins, and is now a mercenary for hire.

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