Quest Started by Josh jackson

1 Part Josh jackson sends you out to find Johnson dornon so you can ask around about The enclave

2.Try convince Johnson to give you information

3.Steal Johnsons Notes

4.Bring them back to josh josh will send you out again to get some more info

5.Go back to mountin point and steal some supplies from there

6. Find out that josh jackson is gone

7.Ask around where josh jackson went

8.Get a radio transmition from a caraven

9.Travel with the caraven to kentucky

10. Get betrayed by the caraven

11.Find out why your caraven betrayed you

12.Have a look for any signs of the new kentucky base

13.Find recordings of Josh jackson

14.Follow the tracks

15.Find josh jackson and kill him

16.Find where New Kentucky is and find Wolf Dornon So you can speak to him

17.When your talking to him mention Johnson Dornon then Wolf will be suprised will be attacked by some bos members

19. then one of the bos members will take you back to the mojave and you get healed by them

20. Blow up the bos base if you have respect high with the ncr the legion or the enclave

Quest Complete

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