Captain Martins
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Born January 11th, 2255
Race Human, Asian American
Affiliation Enclave (2255-2276) (Formerly)
Role Enclave Captain,

Fire Team Leader, Heavy Weapon and Power Armor Specialist, Repair, Research and Development

Location Raven Rock (Formerly)

Arlington Library

Level 24
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 6ST, 6PE, 7EN, 5CH, 8IN, 3AG, 6LK
Skills Big Guns: 90
Explosives: 60
Melee Weapons: 75
Repair: 75

Barter: 25
Energy Weapons: 60
Lockpick: 25
Medicine: 21
Science: 55
Small Guns: 65
Speech: 45
Survival: 60
Unarmed: 32

Perks Size Matters (3)
Power Armor Training
Concentrated Fire

Lady Killer
Intense Training
Bloody Mess
Strong Back
Rad Resistance
Fast Metabolism
Adamantium Skeleton
Grim Reaper's Sprint
Solar Powered

Derived stats Hit Points: 280

Damage Threshold: 20

  "I've left the Enclave, not because of ideology, but methodology. They had technology and power, but not the moral fiber of empathy or humility. Perhaps it is possible to embody all of these, but the Wasteland will undoubtedly erode that sentiment." 

--- Captain Oberon Martins 

Oberon Martins is a former high ranking Enclave officer of it's three major departments, who patrols the Capital Wastelands of 2277 in an attempt to use superior technology with good intentions.


Oberon's parents were Enclave officers. His great grand mother was an ex-Chinese weapon scientist, who tired of the deception of a secretive identity of being planted in America. His great grand father was a morally dubious engineer focused on reverse engineering enemy technology for the American government. Months after working with each other, the bombs dropped, and solidified their relationship. From then on, they only knew the Enclave. Oberon was the third generation, named after the moon discovered January 11th, 1787 when the stars aligned.

Martins grew up in Raven Rock, separated from the harsh reality of the Wastelands. Taught only extreme purity and patriotism, his naivity was dispelled on his first patrol. Few distinctions were made between civilians, beasts and far worse. While the heuristic served well, the few exceptions created its doubts.

He quickly pushed through the ranks, using his knowledge and improvement of his own weapons and armor to establish and push his own limits. He adapted the Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol and retrofitted its design to his parents passed down Chinese Assault Rifle. He adapted the Shishkebab design to access Flamer Fuel to reduce redundancies, and used more advanced materials than salvaged materials. He continues to tweak his flamethrower to burn targets at range, with efficiency, and to appease his subconcious desire to burn living things. Finally, his back-up weapon, an AEP7 Laser Pistol, often using it when his other weapons are jammed, out of range or expended. As soon as he was promoted to Captain, he upgraded from the standard Power Armor to the Hellfire Armor, cementing his position in fire based heavy weapons.

In the field, Oberon uses tangetial tactics, often leading by example and preserving human life -mainly his own soldiers- when possible. Despite his orders, his fellow Enclave Soldiers and Officers would often eradicate everything in sight despite his best intentions. While he earned some respect for patient field operations, he began to loss respect for what the grander ethics of the Enclave stood for. He stayed for as long as he could, knowing that few other organisations held any similar morality or methodology.

Near the end of 2276, he left with a fellow Enclave Officer Nix Grace, under the opportunity of another bloodbath patrol. While she was mostly partial to the current state of the Enclave, she wanted to see if Oberon's ideology was remotely possible.

For the remainder of the year, Oberon and Nix patrolled the Wastelands, using their technology and skill sets to help those they could, earn a living plus interest, and provide a minor positive image to the largely evil Enclave. 

Interactions with the Player Character


  • Accelerant: After waking up from two weeks of unconsciousness, the Lone Wanderer may encounter Oberon and Nix outside the Citadel. The player has the choice to trade technology schematics and trust, dismiss them, or betray them to the Brotherhood.</li>
  • Wildfire: Trade Microfusion Cells, Flamer Fuel or 5.56 ammo for other schematics.</li>

    Effects of Player Actions

  • For Good Karma, the player can vouch for the good intentions of Oberon and Nix, who will increase the stock and quality of Knight Captain Durga's armory, as well as add schematics for the Oberon's variant of weapons and armor.</li>
  • For no Karma and a single schematic of choice, the player can refer Oberon and Nix to the Outcast outposts of Fort Independence or Outcast Outpost.</li>
  • For Negative Karma, the player can confer with another Brotherhood of Steel member to lead them to confinement. The Lone Wanderer can return in a few days, where a dozen Brotherhood members are slaughtered in a random location near the Citadel. Four victims will specifically have partially damaged versions of the Oberon and Nix weapons, where a discarded H.E.A.T Assault Rifle, Flameberge, Flash Fry Flamer and Cold Fusion Pistol are used to critical effect.</li>


    H.E.A.T. Chinese Assault Rifle


    Flash Fry Flamer




    Blind Justice


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