This transcript was taken on October 23rd, 2077; the day of the Great War. The Dispatch Log recorded all police radio transmissions in the southern patrol district (Patrol South) on the day of the Great War. Most of it is dispatching, officer-to-officer communications, status reporting, and incident notification, but the Civil Defense attack transmissions are recorded. The tape covers 12:00AM to 11:59PM, and includes a 911 caller, various robberies, a gas leak, and several murders. The transcript is uncut, so the audio is explicit.

10-04= Over

10-38= Murder

10-65= Armed Robbery

Code 3= Lights and sirens, disregard traffic laws

12:00AM to 6:00AM Edit

DISPATCH, 12:03AM- "All units, be advised, we have a reported 10-65 at Dublin Avenue and 6th Street. All available units, respond Code 3. Suspect is armed and dangerous.

5-ADAM-17, 12:03AM- "Dispatch, this is 5-ADAM-17, we're at 9th and Guglielmo. Responding Code 3.

DISPATCH, 12:04AM- "5-ADAM-17, 10-04."

5-ADAM-17, 12:04AM- "Dispatch, 10-04."

5-EDWARD-11, 12:04AM- "Dispatch, this is 5-EDWARD-11."

DISPATCH, 12:04AM- "5-EDWARD-11, go ahead."

5-EDWARD-11, 12:04AM- "Dispatch, this is 5-EDWARD-11, I'm en route to the crime scene to provide backup for 5-ADAM-17, responding Code 3."

DISPATCH, 12:05AM- "5-EDWARD-11, 10-04. Proceed with caution."

5-EDWARD-11, 12:05AM- "5-EDWARD-11 to Dispatch, 10-04.


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