Operation Boulevard
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June, 2281 - December, 2281

Factions Involved

Wasenshi Forces
NCR Military


Cmd. John Vengshui
Cl. James Hsu


Seizure of Wasenshi resources
Attempted arrest of Wasenshi officers
Dissappearance of Cmd. Veng-Shui

"Our name may translate as peaceful warrior... but we are not above violence. If we are pushed, we will push back." - Cmd. An Hiro

Operation Boulevard was a series of military engagements between the forces of the Wasenshi and the soldiers of the NCR stationed around the immediate area of New Vegas.


Initially a peaceful expedition to attempt to expand further north towards Vegas, the Wasenshi scouts encountered members of the NCR towards the walls of Vegas and Freeside, not recognising the scouts and wary of their level of equipment, the NCR forces in the area attempted to detain them, fearing this the scouts attempted to flee back the safety of the base located in the south, viewing this as an unlawful attempt to resist arrest the NCR gunned them down.


Viewing the shooting as malicious and having come about because of gross negligence, Commander Hiro rallied what troops he had stationed nearby and within the fort itself to advance on the walls and Vegas and make an attempt to "rectify" the situation, whether it be through diplomacy or force. After sending further scouts towards the walls in an attempt to locate the bodies, they were instead met by an empty patch of blood stained land in the general area of the dead scouts destination, this would've ended their search if it were not for the rifles partially buried in the dirt that bore the Wasenshi flag.

The force continued onto Camp McCarran where Veng demanded audience with the commanding officer, after being granted this request, Veng moved his troops to the nearby ruined El Rey Motel (as a way of a quick advance should shots be fired) before he would along with his lieutenant spend the night in negotiation with Colonel Hsu.