Independent from EnclaveNet due to the lack of long range communication and to avoid other factions that have access to EnclaveNet or PoseidoNet from stealing information


New California RepublicEdit

Leader: President Aaron Kimball

Foundation Year: 2189

Capitol: Shady Sands/NCR

Threat: Very High

Caesar's LegionEdit

Leader: Caesar/Edward Sallow

Foundation Year: 2247

Capitol: Flagstaff

Threat: Medium

West Coast Brotherhood of SteelEdit

Leader: Unknown

Foundation Year: 2077

Threat: Low

Notes: The Brotherhood Chapters here are mostly in hiding due to their conflict with the NCR, and may be able to offer members safety, in exchange for their technology and knowledge.

East Coast Brotherhood of SteelEdit

Leader: Arthur Maxson

Foundation Year: 2255

Headquarters: The Pentagon/The Citadel

Threat: Very High

Notes: Though we doubt they would ever come to Utah, they are a real threat to the main base in Rhode Island; reports say they have constructed an airship out of the wreckage of the mobile base crawler at Adams Air Force Base

Followers of the ApocalypseEdit

Local Leader: Doctor Sharon Florence

Foundation Year: 2100 - 2161

Threat: None

Headquarters: The Boneyard/Los Angeles

Local HQ: Rocky Mountains University of Health Professions

Relations: Allied

Notes: The Followers have been allowed to operate in our territory and are to be supplied with medical supplies, medical research notes and educational material are available.

Enclave RemnantsEdit

Priority: High

Members: Judah Kreger, "Cannibal" Johnson, Doctor Henry, Daisy Whitman, Orion Moreno

Course of Action: Establish Contact (Accomplish)

Relations: Allied

Notes: Coming to our attention during the second battle of Hoover Dam they are former soldiers of the Devil's Brigade unit. While not officially apart of our forces they have assisted with some of our high priority missions.


Steven HendersonEdit

Full Name: Steven Joseph Henderson

DOB: 23/4/2232

Sex: Male

Ranks: Lieutenant Colonel

Start of Service: 10/5/2248

Years of Service: 42 Years

Physical Description: 6 Feet, Medium Build, Green Eyes, Light Gray Hair, Rough Beard, Caucasian

Immediate family: Father: Mother: Wife: VBP. Maria Henderson: Deceased; Daughter: Sgt. Sarah Henderson: Active;

Lachlan HoffmannEdit

Full Name: Lachlan Norman Hoffmann

DOB: 26/11/2254

Sex: Male

Ranks: Sergeant, Chief Roboticist

Start of Service: 10/6/2274

Years of Service: 15 Years

Physical Description: 6.2 Feet, Medium Build, Blue Eyes, Dark Brown Hair, Rough Beard, Caucasian

Immediate Family: Father: George Hoffmann: Deceased; Mother: Mary Hoffmann: Deceased; Uncle: Lt. David Hoffmann: Active.

Sarah HendersonEdit

Full Name: Sarah Maria Henderson

DOB: 13/6/2255

Sex: Female

Ranks: Sergeant, Combat Medic

Start of Service: 13/6/2271

Years of Service: 18 Years

Physical Description: 5.9 Feet, Medium Build, Green Eyes, Blond Hair, Caucasian

Immediate Family: Father: Lt. Col. Steven Henderson: Active; Mother: VBP. Maria Henderson: Deceased.

Persons of InterestEdit

Robert HouseEdit

Priority: High

Threat: Medium

Name: Robert Edwin House

DOB: 6/20/2020

Sex: Male

Affiliation: New Vegas

The "Courier"Edit

Priority: Medium

Threat: Medium

Name: Unknown

DOB: Unknown

Sex: Male

Affiliation: Robert House/New Vegas

Aaron ScottEdit

Priority: Medium

Threat: Low

Name: Aaron Scott

DOB: Unknown

Sex: Male

Affiliation: Mormon Church

Arthur MaxsonEdit

Priority: High

Threat: High

Sex: Male

Course of Action: Assassination

Notes: He is the last descendant of Rodger Maxson, and thus removing him will likely shatter the Brotherhoods morale, and possibly cause a battle for power.


Operation Scorching BearEdit

Access Level: Council

Status: Inactive

Details: The NCR is a real threat to our bases and personnel in Utah among the many defence plans talked about during council meetings this is the most extreme of them and should only be considered as a last resort. Operation Scorching Bear's objective is to scare the NCR out of a war with the use of a nuclear weapon preferably an IBCM. The intended use is that the threat of a nuclear weapon will dissuade them from a war. In the event that a nuclear weapon will be used we have compiled a list of potential targets. Reminder to all council members this is never to be mentioned outside of council meetings or when Mayor Randall Warren is present during said meetings.

Primary Targets: The Hub, Junktown, Navarro, Klamath, Redding, Long 15, Dayglow,

Secondary Targets: Shady Sands/NCR, Boneyard/Los Angeles,

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