"Back In My Childhood. Mother Did Not Cook For Us. Us 4 Guys; Me, My Brothers, And My

655936. SY540

Father Would Always Get Together To Cook. Those Were My Fondest Memories."

Phoenix Fire
Born January 22nd, 2251 Sedona, Former Arizona
Race Human
Affiliation The Strip
Role Owner of The Fire House/ Hunter
Location New Vegas
Level 30
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 6 Strength

8 Perception 5 Endurance 6 Charisma 5 Intelligence 5 Agility 5 Luck

Skills Barter

Explosives Survival

Perks Heave, Ho!

Hunter Lead Belly Commando Stone Wall Super Slam

Derived stats 200 Hit Points

12.5 Skill Rate 80 Action Points 8% Critical Chance 3 Melee Damage 1.25 Unarmed Damage 210 Carry Weight

Biography Edit

Early Life (2251-2279) Edit

Phoenix Fire Was Born On January 22nd, 2251 In Sedona, Former Arizona To Oswald And Beatrice Fire. He Was The Oldest Of His Brother, Jerome, (Born 2255) And Gilbert, (Born 2259). His Father Owned A Shop That Sold Scraps From Destroyed Vehicles From Before The War. By 2260, Phoenix started an interest in cooking in 2260 when he and his family took a trip to New Vegas and went to the Ultra Luxe. He had the chance to eat something that had no radiation on it. Since then he began cooking for the family on occasions. When he turned 25 In 2276, he moved to New Vegas where he worked as a waiter at the Ultra Lux. Two Years Later He Had Enough Money To Buy And Own An Out Of Business Bar Next To The Tops. He Called It The Fire House, and Whiten 3 Years, He Added An Indoor Pool, A Smoking Room, And An Entertainment Room. In 2279, He Married Lily Guadeloupe, Whom He Met During His Work At The Ultra Lux.

During And After The Events Of Fallout: New Vegas (2281-) Edit

In 2281 Lily Gave Birth To There First Son, Hector. 8 Years Later On 2289, There Second Son Reggie Was Born.


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