Point Dexter (Trait)
Point Dexter


A perception of more than 1 and an intelligence of less than 10


+1 to intelligence when wearing glasses


- 1 from perception when not wearing glasses

“You're short sighted, which sucks, but luckily a pair of specs'll sort that out for you right quick and make you look smart to boot."

Point Dexter is (not) a trait in Fallout:New Vegas.


When wearing glasses you gain a +1 boost to intelligence but when not wearing glasses you suffer a -1 reduction from perception.


  • Point Dexter isnt a real trait, it is however based on the actual New Vegas trait Four Eyes
  • It's image is a combination of those from the trait Four Eyes and the perk Swift Learner
  • It was created by Jasper for use on his RP character.

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