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Proposition 312, or sometimes referred to by ranking Enclave personnel as the Mutant Termination Act was a legal act passed by members of the Enclave's Congress during President Dick Richardson's second term in office.

History and LegacyEdit

This legislation mandated the outright extermination of 'illegal aliens' on, or even near Enclave territories immediately upon preliminary sighting by the Sector Patrol & Border Watch stationed in and throughout Camp Navarro.

After the Enclave's original return to the United States mainland in the 2240's, this literally included anyone or anything the Enclave deemed undesirable, or quite simply lacked the willingness to communicate with out of fearful paranoia.

As the Enclave slowly began adapting to the Wastelands after their oil rig's destruction however, the proposition's definition of 'illegal alien' would become exclusively interpreted by the Enclave's personnel as members of the New California Republic, the Brotherhood of Steel, prowling bandits and raiders, and especially any and all super mutants and ghouls.

Despite this rather extraordinary change from what the proposition once was, the Sector Watch & Border Patrol charged with the proposition's official enforcement was effectively rendered defunct with the NCR-BoS military coalition's extermination of Camp Navarro.

As a direct result of this on top of the deaths of the vast majority of the Enclave's government, it is very rare if not virtually impossible for current-day Enclave military personnel to remember or be privy to the knowledge of at all, little lone actually enforce Proposition 312, especially as a much younger new generation of individuals begin filling up the Enclave ranks.

Even with the newly assumed-leadership of Colonel Augustus Autumn and the Enclave High Command, the latter of which being composed of a collective of old surviving officers directly from the original oil rig headquarters... and not even they seem to recall the legal act once referred to as the Mutant Termination Act.

Like the Control Station ENCLAVE itself, the Proposition 312 ultimately seems doomed to effectively flee from memory with time...

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