Quill or Quoth
Two minds, one body.
Born 2260, Somewhere in what used to be Arizona
Race Intelligent Deathclaw
Affiliation None.
Role Nomadic scavenger/Reclusive feral deathclaw
Location Wandering about the midwestern and southwestern wastelands
Level 30
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 9STR, 5PER[9 as Quoth], 10 END, 1CHA, 5INT[1 as Quoth], 8AGI, 2LCK
Skills Both-Survival/Unarmed 60. Quill- Speech 60. Quoth-Stealth 60
Perks Quill-Disguise Master/Quoth- Feral
Derived stats Hit Points: 750
Damage Threshold: 15

Mutated FEV Exposure and subsequent changes-


Behavior as Quill-

Behavior as Quoth-


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