Red Hands
Red Hand


Self governing protectorate/commune


Chief Yohan Red


Fort Heaven (nation), Red Hand Outpost (commune)


Lost in history


Wyoming Wasteland


Outer Heaven


Outer Heaven (willing union)


Anyone who are enemies of Outer Heaven

"Red language: Red hanar, blod hanar, hanar lagt af aa for hanakamp. Hanar dedar en noke han. De Red Hanar har mordende hanar slik innat anad.

English: Red Hands, bloodied hands, hands made of and for conflict. Hands deadlier than any hand. The Red Hands have hands like none other."

—Red Hand poem

The Red Hand is a tribe of people living in southern Platie in the Wyoming Wasteland. The tribe was an influential warmongering society in Platie and one of the more powerful ones in the area. The tribe sees strength, honour, endurance and other soldier qualities as great virtues. The tribe has since willingly joined the nation of soldiers, Outer Heaven, in promise of being handed a great ability like never before to demonstrate their strength in the name of the soldier ideal based in Outer Heaven.

Background (WIP) Edit

Because of their tribal nature, they likely come from a local vault in Platie. They seem to have never tasted true civilization, and if they have, they certainly don't remember it. The tribe's foundation has been lost in time, but they often refer to their goddess, Alexin Red, as their founder. The decendants of Red become new leaders of the tribe. Countries like Outer Heaven suspects that Alexin Red was indeed a real person, but with a cult of personality based around her. She may have been the cement between the bricks when it comes to making this tribe a mighty tribe. The tribals have lost their english language over time, so they've likely been in the wastes for quite some time.

Prime Years (WIP) Edit

Outer Heaven Union (WIP) Edit

The year 2295, with the promise of proving their strength as a tribe for Outer Heaven and the rest of the new world, they joined Outer Heaven, forming a union. They function more like a self governing commune, however, without the influence of Outer Heaven. Independence is almost just a formality. Regardless, under Outer Heaven, their crave for conflict and their "soldier virtues" has been more than satisfied, and they're easly adapting to Outer Heaven's form of civilization, mostly due to similarities when it comes to virtues. Becoming slowly more civilized and adopting more of Outer Heaven's social structure, technology et cetera. Some predict that within perhaps twenty to thirty years, the Red Hand's tribal culture will become a more civilized culture, however, still maintining their status as a completely independant ethnic group.

Society (WIP) Edit


The Red Hands' language is wildly based on the Scandinavian languages with many twists to how words are pronounced and written. Some words are english.

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