Robert Foster
Foster A
Born 2256
Race Human
Affiliation the children of the gap (formally) Ceasar's leagon (formally) none(currently)
Role none
Location the gap (originally)

DC (currently)

Level 50
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 10ST, 4PE, 8EN, 3CH, 10IN, 5AL, 5LK
Skills Medicine: 100
Science: 70
Survival: 80
Perks Grim Reaper's Sprint, Healer, Educated, Entomologist, Strong Back, Animal Friend.
Derived stats Hit Points: 200
Damage Threshold: 14
Apparel black trench coat

tribal necklace

Weapons crowbar


Miscellaneous Stimpacks(x99)

Purified Water(x5) Doctor bags(x10) MRE(x4) caps(x78) Radroach meat(x30)

On death you get NOTHING YOU LOSE


big dum slow and dum all words that seem to fit Robert. on sight BUT if that's what you think then you're WRONG very very very wrong. he is the wise man of his village he always trys to solve any problem with his head not his fist. a quick thinker with no reall sense of humor.

(I think he's a robot him self)


he is a very tall man standing at 6ft (1.8288 me) 0in (0 ce). with short brown. at a glance most would say he looks like a dum tribal built big tall and strong. no scars or abnormal markings on his face or chest.

Equipment, Skills, and AbilitiesEdit

Inventory wrench, tribal necklace, MRE, unknown robot component, black hand made trench coat, crowbar.

His story word play LOLEdit

when he came from a flameing ball of metal that once was a Vertibird 6 year old Robert was found in the remains and bought to the village called the gap there he spent the next 10 years of his life being rased as the next leader of the gap traned to be the wisest man among the tribals when his gift of literacy be cam known he was gifted a LARGE number of books on pre-war Science and Medicine hell he even made a robot side kick but that all changed when the leagon attacked they burned home and EXPLETIVED the women the young men like Robert sold in to slavery for the next 4 years he was made to work then what happen next was a miracle the NCR destroyed the leagon forces and freed the slaves for the past 3 years he wandered tell he found the city he calls home Washington DC

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