T-55d power armor is an advanced powered infantry armor based solely on the design of the T-45d, an obsolete power armor model. The T-55d surpasses both the T-45d and T-51b power armor models in everything but availability.

The lasting TX-28 MicroFusion pack powers the T-55d with 70,000 joules to power the advanced systems in place. The suit is made of composite metals and other materials, which were scavenged or created (usually by BoS knights), making the suit able to absorb more than 3,500 joules of kinetic impact. Protection from all previous power armor models were implemented with the T-55d, including the excellent resistance from radiation and protection for all parts of the body, but the T-55d increases a user's strength and agility (through joint enchancers), as well as perception and intelligence from the zoom optics and intelligence banks stored within the suit's helmet.

Production and VariantsEdit

T-55d power armor is made solely by experienced Senior Knights and Paladin "BravoWhiskeyNine". Deep within the depths of Brotherhood bases, rare metals are pounded, smelted, and refurbished for production of the suit. Parts of terminals, various weapon scopes, and other handy items are also stored and/or integrated into the suit.

Only 2 copies of the T-55d exist:

  • Prototype Powered Infantry Armor: First variant ever created, it was created first for the use by Paladin "BravoWhiskeyNine", but was later retired to be the model used to create other models.
  • The Rage: The second suit ever created, it is the power armor of Paladin BW9. Is is kept clean and at 100% combat efficectiveness by BW9. It, to signify it's ownership, has many dashes counting kills, "war paint", and "BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL" is permanently printed on the power armor's chestplate.