Born 2043
Race Human (Formely)
Super mutant
Role Vagabond
Location Commonwealth
Level 23
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 7ST, 5PC, 10EN, 10CH, 4IN, 3AL, 1LK
Perks Animal Friend
Wasteland Whisperer
Derived stats Hit Points: 650
Damage Threshold: Unknown

Teddy is a super mutant living in the commonwealth.

Backstory Edit

Born in 2043, Teddy worked as a soldier during the resource wars. When the Great War began, Teddy was sent to guard Vault 87. In the following months, Teddy continued to guard the vault, unaware of the inhuman expiriments going on. After the mutants rebelled, Teddy was transformed into a super mutant. When their supply of FEV ran dry, Teddy was among those sent to find more in the Capital Wasteland. Teddy decided to travel eastward, eventually discovering the ruins of the New England Commonwealth in 2267. On the way, he stumbled across a lone Yao guai, he adopted it, and he has been a good companion ever since.

Personality Edit

Unlike other super mutants, Teddy is a charismatic and reasonable individual. He is fond of traveling, usually with his pet Yao guai, and he enjoys meeting new people. He has acts distasteful against other super mutants, and he has a very clear hatred for raiders or even non-hostile scavengers. Due to FEV, he has gotten the rare ability of "taming" other creatures.

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