The year 2277, The Lone Wanderer is looking for his father in places.

Fallout 3: The Lone Wanderers Fate Edit

Arriving in Rivet City, he found a Talon Company Merc looking for someone, though he knew not that the man was a Talon Company Merc looking for Dr. Zimmers lost android to kill it. The Lone Wanderer had info on him, and nicely gave the man the information he needed and the man did the same. He told the Lone Wanderer the location of his father, for he knew his father.

Lone Wanderer in Vault 112 Edit

Arriving at vault 112, the lone wanderer found his dad quickly and freed him. (I know, it's short)

Lone Wanderer on His Way Back To Rivet City Edit

On the way back to Rivet City, the Lone Wanderer and his dad encountered the same talon company merc with two others with him. The mercs killed the lone wanderers dad, but fled when they couldn't defeat him. The lone wanderer ended up with the same fate as his father, dying out in wastes with no one able to know about his death, Luckily. He met his fate when he was killed by raiders

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