The Archangels


Revolutionary Government, Military Junta, Single Party Dictatorship, Militarist Elitist


Archangel: Jonathan Miller

Revolutionary Headquarters



Year 2304


Wyoming Wasteland


Outer Heaven

"The demon has betrayed us, brothers and sisters! He has left the cause of soldiers and the promise of a lifeblood built upon conflict and war in the name of building a nation! The very idea that we despise! We're not supposed to make a nation built upon ideals! We're meant to build a nation litteraly by every sense of the word built upon war! Because that is our destiny, our necessity, our need! The demon shall fall and hell shall rise. Outer Heaven shall fall and Outer Hell shall rise! The Archangels will prevail!"
—Jonathan Miller starting the uprising

The Archangels is a revolutionary extremist group built upon military elitism and the desire of complete and utter conflict, thus conflicting with the Demon's vision for Outer Heaven.

Background Edit

Frustrated by the Demon's lack of his own visions for Outer Heaven and angered by the fact that the Demon not only cared for the soldiers, but also the citizens and their safety and disappointed that the Demon wasn't nearly as willing to make the harsh choices that he himself could make, Jonathan Miller formed the Archangels in secret in 08.01.2304. Jonathan went on to secretly recruit members for his new organization behind the Demon's back.


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