The Ark Edit

"I rather be dead than be an animal. I've never begged for my life once ... and I don't plan on starting today..."

-Neil Bloom, expert geneticist and prewar-tech scholar Edit
The Ark

The Ark is a device containing the complete chromosome pairs taken form nearly every single living prewar creature on earth. This devices location was discovered in a vast library in Vault City by Neil Bloom.

There are originally seven Arks scattered though various vaults throughout the world with only one known in America in Vault 117. The project was code named "Noah's Labor" and the project was designed to be correlated with G.E.C.K. technology to replenish the Earth in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

By combining Neil's G.M.O. technology along with the G.E.C.K.'s Terra forming capabilities, Neil aims to fecundate the wasteland of America to its original domestic tranquility.

Realizing he needed a team to go out and retrieve it Neil decided to involve N.C.R. The N.C.R. took the matter very seriously and offered support for the mission. This device, put into the right hands, will restore the wastes into a hospitable environment.

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