Blue Angels
Blue Angels


Raider Gang


South Eastern DC



The Blue Angels are a raider gang operating in the south east of the capital wasteland.


They rely on their trademark explosives and refurbished quadbikes to ambush weaker caravans going to and from Rivet City. Each quad has two riders, a driver and a gunner who typically uses a SMG and throws Makarov Cocktails. Heavier units would wield stronger weapons such as grenade launchers and sometimes even missiles. Because of them, the main road in to DC from Rivet City is littered with mines, which frequently take unsuspecting travelers by surprise.


Base of operationsEdit

Although they operate across most of South eastern DC, the Blue Angels main base off operations is in an old, pre war military air base, the main hanger of the base is sealed off from the rest, inside which rest a full fleet of vertibirds. It is rumored that a small squad of Brotherhood of Steel members are trapped in the main hanger, unable to escape. Whoever it is, the Blue Angels make good use of the base's AA guns to shoot down any Vertibirds that do try to make a run for it.


The Blue Angels inhabit either side of the DC no man's land, their territory is marked in blue.