Commander's Log, Week 1: This Is CO 2539, codename "Ghost". The year is 2277, we just escaped the Enclave forces that were chasing us and have made a temporary base In an abandoned car dealership outside DC. When we escaped from Adams Air Force Base a week ago we took an ample amount of energy weapons, power armor, food, water, prototypes, and equipment. We set off in 3 unmarked prototype stealth Vertibirds. My company consists of 4 scientists, 30 troopers, 5 engineers, 4 docs, and 30 bots. Our company had stole a bunch of Hellfire armor so we decided to us that instead of our "Black Devil" armor. The reason we left was that we thought that the Enclave plans for retaking the States was flawed beyond fixing. We think the way to get the good old US of A going again is to help the people of the Wasteland and gaining their support. Our plan is to recruit the locals, help defend their towns, and use some of our tech to help them improve their towns.

Commander's Log, Week 2: Today when we saw a squad of Enclave heading this way we hid, not wanting to attract attention to ourselves, and we saw a BOS squad heading this way. It was a slaughter. The Enclave tore right through the squad like a knife going through Brahmin Butter. There was 2 survivors and just as the Enclave was about to kill them we jumped into action and saved the survivors. The survivors were astonished that some one in armor that belonged to the Enclave could be capable of such selfless and heroic acts. After the docs patched them up and the engineers repaired their equipment we told them that we were ex-Enclave. After our tale they said that they should paint our armor so we are distinguishable from other Enclave. I thought for hours on what we should paint our on our armor and then when i was going through the old desks i came across a comic of a pre-war hero called "Hellrider" and his head and hands were on fire. Thinking to myself that this was perfect because our armor was called Hellfire and i made the connection that with flame decals on our armor would be what we needed so people of the Wasteland could distinguish us.

Commander's Log, Week 16: Today we saved a bunch of slaves en route to Paradise Falls and they started calling us the "Flaming Saints". I thought that that was the perfect name of us because that sounded better then the "Enclave Outcasts".

Commander's Log, Week 21 Day 1: Today we got a message from a BOS elder named Owyn Lyons. The letter contained a congratulations on our good work and asked us to go to their fortress called the Citadel located in the ruins of the Pentagon.

Commander's Log, Week 21 Day 2: On our way to the Citadel, we were doing a bit of scavenging and we found an old flag in an old sewer tunnel and we found a terminal stating that this was the hideout for a street gang known as the Arlington Saints (my fallout equivalent of the Third Street Saints from Saints Row). On the terminal there were records of their contributions to the community and helping the police in their time of need. The AS had similar goals to our own.So i decided to adopt the fleur-de-lis for their flag and adapt it for our organization

Commander's Log, Week 30: A kid came in here looking to join and i sensed that he would one day lead the FS and i made a holotape of my history and my military expertise.

Commander's Log, Week 41: Im dying, we were on our way check out *cough* a distress beacon and were ambushed by Enclave forces and i am severely wounded and i'm bleeding out. I give the title of "Ghost" to my second in command known around the wasteland as the "Lone Wanderer" and i hope he is as good as a leader as i was. Goodbye and Godspeed ahh....... *static*


(Do NOT edit without my permission)

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