Before the Bombs Edit

Jason walked down the street, the chilly autumn wind blowing through his jet black hair, his scar clearly shown in the bright midday light. A thin, white line starting under his hairline, then cutting across his left eye. He got that scar last year, in 2076, when a mugger attacked him in Concord, Massachusetts with an eye on his wallet. He lived in a neighbourhood north west of there called Sanctuary Hills. Jason was barely even across the bridge when the alarms sounded.

Jason knew what the alarms were for, but he wished it was another drill. He then heard the rumble of a electric motor roaring overhead. He looked up as a vertibird flew over him with an officer leaning out of the side yelling into a megaphone : "If you are in the vault program, get to the vault! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!" Jason knew what "vault" the officer was talking about, a nuclear shelter built by Vault-Tec. The one in Sanctuary Hills was called : "Vault 111". Jason ran as fast as he could to the vault gate. He knew he wasn't in the program but was in luck as he heard his neighbor, Nate say : "Let us in, we're on the list!". This was the distraction Jason needed.

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