The Siege of Jefferson City
Enclave Soldiers in the Commerce District during a firefight.


Jefferson City


August 2297


Desicive Enclave victory

Involved Parties

The Enclave
Jefferson City Raiders
Mutant Liberation Army
Raven Combine


Commander Jacob Howling (Enclave) Unnamed mutant commander

Connected Events

The Supremacy War


Control Company Squad Patrolling Through The Jefferson City Junction


The Purge is a campaign during The Great Patriotic Revolution (or Suprmacy War) in August 2297 to rid Jefferson City of The Mutant Liberation Army and establish Enclave Control Company as a Shock Force for future combat operations in the area. The battle was a major victory for the Enclave, as they now surrounded the mutant capital, Quincy. Mutant reinforcements from the west were defeated in the Second Battle of Jefferson City in March 2298. The city has been since occupied by Outer Heaven and the Raven Combine, in addition to the the Enclave.


Enclave Soldiers fighting in the Trench System on Jefferson City's Outskirts


An Enclave Soldier Stands By A Spotlight In The Trench System

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